What are sleep-inducing foods and drinks? Foods to be consumed by those who suffer from insomnia…

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There are some foods and drinks that can help us cope with insomnia due to stress, depression, medication, environmental factors, or simply lifestyle. What are these foods and drinks that help relax the muscles and have a comfortable sleep with the amino acid and melatonin hormone they contain? For those who don’t want to add another sleepless night, you can take a look at this news we have prepared for you…

  Make Your Choice With Vanilla Honey Or Warm : Milk

With the amino acids called tryptophan and lactic acid in milk, it regulates and facilitates sleep. You can further strengthen the sleep effect by dividing the vanilla bar, which has a calming feature, and consuming it with milk. It is said that warm milk is good for insomnia, which is known as the inability to sleep. Or you can increase the sleep-inducing effect by adding a teaspoon of honey to your milk.

  Not only a favorite fruit, but also a sleeping pill: Banana

Bananas, which contain magnesium and potassium, which are natural muscle relaxants, are among the foods that bring sleep. If you do not like to consume normally, it is possible to make tea. We cut the banana from the ends, throw it into boiling water with its peel, wait for it to boil for 10 minutes and brew it. Thus, we create an alternative to chamomile tea, which has a calming and sleep-inducing effect.

  Potatoes That Are Beautiful In Every Way

Potatoes, whose main task is to regulate mood, and which help sleep, contain tryptophan, which is among the foods that help a good night’s sleep. Potatoes, which also have stomach-soothing properties, eliminate acids that prevent tryptophan formation.

More Effective Than Sleeping Medicine: Cherry

Cherry, one of the popular summer fruits, increases the secretion of the hormone “melatonin” and shortens the time to sleep. Researchers say drinking cherry juice twice a day is more effective than a sleeping pill. On the other hand, when the cherry stem is boiled and made into tea, it has a positive effect on the nervous system, making it easier to sleep comfortably.

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