What are natural stones good for? Which diseases are natural stones good for?

Yasemin.com reporter Müge Çakmak asked Hacer Çelebi, a Bioenergy and Healing Stones Specialist, about the unknowns about natural stones, which are naturally found in nature but are full of minerals and vitamins just like nutrients. Emphasizing that each stone provides almost an alternative benefit to diseases, Çelebi explained that some patients have stones that should be avoided. So what are natural stones good for? Which diseases are natural stones good for? Here are the answers to the questions we researched for you…

Healing stones, which we see as jewelry in recent years and are widely sold in some regions, relieve pain in the body, especially with the energies they give. These healing stones, which have been extracted from nature for centuries, are not eye-catching lights or their material value; According to many experts, these stones also benefit people in solving mental and physical problems. According to researches; The healing stones found in different parts of the world are stones that were formed underground millions of years ago. For this reason, they are said to have a high connection with cosmic energy. So what are these stones? Do you know which stones are good for which diseases?

CORNELIAN: It is one of the most abundant stones in nature. This stone helps the metabolism to work properly, while at the same time reducing tension and stress. Prophet It is narrated that our Prophet Muhammad (saas) also wore an agate ring meaning hatem, that is, a seal. The most well-known benefit of agate stone is that it protects the person spiritually. Apart from these, it is believed that it is good for the skin and bones.

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CORAL STONE:It is a stone that can be found in every shade from white to red, pink and orange. The coral object is one of the very few objects mentioned in the Qur’an. This stone, which is mentioned together with the pearl in the chapter of Rahman, is stated to be one of the most important blessings of Allah (swt).Coral stone, which strengthens the heart and spleen, is among the widely known properties that it gives relief and peace, strengthens respiration, prevents blood pressure drop, and is good for the lungs.

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AMETHYST STONE: The color of this stone, which is widely used in jewelry today, is purple. The most widely known feature of amethyst stone is the relaxing effect it gives to the person. Since the stone carries negative energy, it draws the excess negative energy you carry in your body and makes you mentally fitter. It is among the properties that are known to protect the person from negative energy, especially in daily life, due to calming the anger.

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QUARTZ STONE: It is a natural stone composed of crystal minerals. in itself “large crystal”and “cryptocrystalline” This stone is also available in different colors. Quartz stone stimulates brain functions and provides emotional balance. Known to regulate mental forms, quartz stone is especially recommended for those who experience negative situations such as anger, fear, guilt and jealousy during the day.

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Amber STONE: It is seen as a remedy for the treatment of many diseases today. ‘Amber stone’ when used as bracelet, case or necklace; because it improves blood circulation It is among the accessories that pregnant women often prefer.

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CITRINE STONE: This stone, which has a different color from yellow to light brown, is found in colors such as orange, reddish and brownish. Citrine stone, which is beneficial for kidney, colon, digestive organs, lungs and heart, strengthens the immune system.

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SELINITE STONE: Compared to other stones, it is among the most beautiful and elegant crystals you will ever see. Thanks to the whiteness and clarity of the stone, it gives comfort and freshness. However, in the treatment of cyst or malignant tumor, you can carry it by contacting the body.

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