What are carrot seeds? How to make carrot seed tea? Is carrot tea beneficial?

Carrot seeds are just as beneficial as carrots. Experts about carrot seeds, which contain high levels of vitamin A, recommend those who cannot consume carrots directly. The tea obtained from its seeds strengthens the immune system and reduces the effect of viruses in the body. So what are Carrot seeds? How to make carrot seed tea? Is carrot tea beneficial?

Belonging to the parsley family, carrot seeds are gray and soft. Carrot seeds obtained from the herbaceous plant contain more vitamins and minerals than carrots. Oil is usually obtained from the seed, which is the first stage of the formation of the root vegetable carrot. However, it is also consumed as a tea in order to benefit more from its benefits in alternative medicine. It is one of the indispensable nutrients for body health, as it contains high levels of beta carotene. Thanks to beta carotene, it can increase the number of antibodies in the immune system. In particular, it provides a shield to immunity that has been exposed to a high rate of virus. One kilo of carrot seeds found in herbalists is about 70 liras. However, in recent years, the demands have increased with the advice of experts.

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Add one tablespoon of carrot seeds to two glasses of boiling water. Wait for it to brew. After about 10 minutes, you can strain and consume. If you wish, you can add a teaspoon of honey or a tablespoon of lemon juice. In addition, it can be drunk by grating the carrot, boiling it and straining the water. This method is known as carrot juice. Experts recommend that it can be consumed two glasses a day, as there is no harm. However, it is said that it would be more beneficial for lactating and pregnant women not to consume it.

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– Carrot tea is one of the natural remedies that strengthen the liver function. Studies have shown that carrot tea reduces the risk of jaundice.

Carrot tea, which strengthens the immune system, increases the number of antibodies. It acts as a shield in the body against viruses and infected cells.

– Obstetricians recommend it in case of delay and irregularity in menstruation experienced by women every month. It also strengthens the uterine wall.

– Just like carrots, carrot tea is also effective for eye health. It controls the rate of fluid in the eye. It reduces the risk of cataracts, which can be seen in advanced ages. It relieves the severity of vision problems.

– It reduces the rate of bad cholesterol in the blood. It balances the pressure. Therefore, it eliminates the risk of heart, vein and high blood pressure.

Carrot tea, which is rich in fiber, makes the intestines work healthier.

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