What abortion law is this! They will force women to watch the footage.

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Under the bill, which was put to a vote in parliament, women considering an abortion would be forced to see ultrasound images. Not only that, the bill also obliges the heartbeat of the fetus to be listened to.

The bill, which also prohibits advertising about abortion, envisages criminal sanctions for violators. The bill is a first in Europe.

It is stated that the probability of passing the bill supported by opposing parties is quite high. According to a September poll by an agency called Focus, 55.5 percent of Slovaks oppose a ban on abortion, with 34.6 percent in favor of the bill.

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Some 30 non-governmental organizations, including the Human Rights organization, Amnesty International, Marie Stopes International and the International Campaign for Women’s Safe Abortion Rights, wrote a letter last week to oppose the bill. The organizations called on the parliament to reject the bill, which they described as ‘reactionary’.

In the letter, it was also emphasized that the proposed changes were not based on any medical reason, considering the World Health Organization’s abortion guidelines. The organizations said that with the unsubstantiated bill, the Slovakian government “intends to create barriers to avoiding abortion”.

Arguing that the bill would harm women’s reproductive rights, human rights organizations stated that it would set a dangerous example for other European countries.

Monica Costa Riba of Amnesty International said: “This law is a clear attempt to reverse the reproductive rights of Slovak women. “If it becomes law, it will harm women’s health and well-being, prevent them from accessing safe abortion, and also violate Slovakia’s international human rights obligations.”

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