Ways to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

numbness, a burning pain or tingling in the hands and wrists; The ways of protection from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which has symptoms such as numbness in the fingers and pain that spreads from the wrist to the arm, especially at night, and strong pulling when holding objects without dropping them, are on Pudra.com!

karpal tunel sendromu el bilek rahatsizligi

Symptoms sometimes Op. Dr. We learn from Kerem Bıkmaz .

Ways of protection from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • From long and strong up-and-down movements of the wrist, holding something with fingers tensely (such as a sewing needle), wrist avoid bending motion towards the thumb or little finger.
  • Be careful not to carry loads with the palm facing up.
  • Avoid tight-fitting bands (such as wrist watches).
  • Avoid extreme cold or unprotected vibration.
  • Move frequently used objects such as phones as close to your work area as possible. This way you avoid over-reaching.
  • While driving, do not hold the steering wheel too tightly when carrying items. Rest the hand as much as possible.
  • Rest the hands every 15 minutes when using a typewriter or keyboard.
  • Avoid holding objects such as paint brushes, pens, newspapers, or books for long periods of time.

Not only the arms, but also the wrong body posture triggers hand-wrist discomfort!

The general posture of the body is also very important when using the hands. The height of the work area should be adjusted to allow the wrists to remain in a neutral or nearly straight position while sitting or standing.


  • During the work, care should be taken that the shoulders are sufficiently free and the elbows are comfortably at the sides.
  • While sitting, the feet should be on the ground with the back and waist well supported. The sitting chair should be adjusted according to each individual.
  • The selection of hand tools is important. The grip of the handpiece should be proportional to the size of your hand.
  • When you learn a new job that requires heavy use of your hands, give your hand time to get used to the new job. This is just like an athlete preparing for a race or other athletic competition. Take breaks at sufficient intervals to allow the hands to rest.
  • If you are wearing gloves, the glove should be of appropriate size for the hands. If it is too big, the effort to hold the object will be more, if it is too tight, the hands will be squeezed.

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