Vitamin D recommendations from the expert

Vitamin D, which has an important place for our health, is one of the most essential vitamins for the body. So what are the functions of vitamin D? What foods are rich in vitamin D? What are the causes of vitamin D deficiency? What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency? Every detail you wonder about Op. Dr. Feridun Kunak explained for you…

The human body needs some vitamins in order to perform its duties in a healthy way. Vitamin D, one of the most important types of vitamins, is the key to a healthy life. Many people do not know what vitamin D does and the causes of vitamin D deficiency. However, we can protect our health and start the day in a more energetic way by eating foods rich in vitamin D. Kiss. Dr. Feridun Kunak wrote down everything you need to know about vitamin D in his column.

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Here is Op. Dr. Feridun Kunak’s column on what must be known about vitamin D:

Vitamin D, one of the fat-soluble vitamins stored in the liver, is one of the most important vitamins in our body.

The relationship of vitamin D with bone health comes from regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body.

In addition, this vitamin; By strengthening the immune system, it creates a strong shield against high blood pressure, heart diseases, rheumatism, rickets, nervous system diseases and skin disorders. Vitamin D is essential to strengthen the body’s resistance, that is, the immune system.

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Vitamin D has multiple roles in the body.

– Taking it with calcium is very beneficial for the skeletal system of the body.

– Provides hormone production.

– It is important for the health of the nervous system.

– Increases the strength of teeth.

– Supporting immune, brain and nervous system health

– Regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management

– It treats those that play a role in the development of cancer.

– It is responsible for the functioning of muscles and bone formation.

– It protects against all diseases related to the deterioration of the immune system.


– The fish

– Egg yolk

– Milk and milk products

– Potatoes

– Orange

– Liver

– Mushrooms

– Parsley

– Orange

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• Not making enough use of the sun’s rays 5/10 minutes of sunlight is sufficient for the hand, arm and face areas.

• Sunscreens prevent getting enough sun.

• Intestinal diseases (problems with intestinal absorption)

• Medications Used (Asthma, heart, etc.)

• Not Getting Enough Calcium

• Not eating enough and healthy

• Liver failure

• Chronic renal failure

• Genetic diseases

• Unhealthy lifestyle

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• Gingivitis

• Weakness in the muscles

• Deterioration in bone structure

• Bone fractures

• Nervous Disorders

• All diseases related to the deterioration of the immune system

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