Vitamin C against viruses! What fruits are citrus fruits? What are the benefits of citrus fruits?

Citrus fruits, also known as citrus fruits, are generally grown in Mediterranean countries. They are fruits of yellow or orange color. It is rich in vitamin C. It is a powerful additional supplement for the body. It is used as a natural medicine especially for post-virus diseases. So what fruits are citrus fruits? What are the benefits of citrus fruits? We searched for answers to all these questions for you.

The fruits that grow on trees in temperate climates are called citrus or citrus. The fruits are usually called by this name because they are yellow or orange in color. These fruits, which are rich in vitamin C; orange, tangerine, citrus, grapefruit and lemon. Citrus cultivation is quite high in countries such as Brazil, Italy, Mexico and Italy in the world. Since it is in this climate zone in our country, it is especially grown in Mersin and Adana provinces. In addition, citrus is grown on all coasts. The general feature of these trees is evergreen and contains essential oil. Its leaves are soft and shiny. Fruits grow in bowls and stone leaves. Thanks to the essence in its content, they leave a pleasant smell around. They generally taste sour, but some taste sweeter as they mature. It also contains high amounts of vitamin C. All citrus fruits are consumed as food. It is also used in the cosmetics industry. The tree they grow is known as “Citrus” in science literature. Experts recommend increasing the consumption of these fruits, especially against increasing viruses.

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Covid 19, the coronavirus, causes severe damage to the body. It can be said that it is the only influenza virus that has so far caused great harm to the human body. It enters the body through respiration and begins to multiply here, almost like a living space, and in a short time it causes respiratory distress and then death with respiratory failure. However, experts have done a lot of research on this virus. The most important of these was Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an indispensable group of vitamins for human health. Vitamin C, which provides benefits from the functioning of the organs to the body systems, has an active role especially in the restructuring of cells. In this way, it has been included in research to prevent the coronavirus epidemic. Experts underline that 50-100 grams of vitamin C supplement that a person will take daily can help the body renew itself like a natural medicine. Since the virus causes the collapse of the lungs, vitamin C also helps in eliminating this problem. It reduces the negative effects of the cells in the lung due to the virus and makes them more resistant. However, experts emphasize that water supplementation is also important. Vitamin C is mostly found in citrus fruits. These fruits are rich in liquid. In addition to these, when 2.5 liters of water is consumed per day, the rate of removal of the virus from the body increases.

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It has the highest vitamin C among citrus fruits. Orange trees grow to a maximum height of 10 meters. Its leaves are hard. It produces flowers first, then fruit. In addition to vitamin C, it contains calcium, potassium and magnesium substances. Orange, which strengthens the immune system that decreases during the winter months, prevents upper respiratory tract diseases.

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It is the most effective alternative medicine known for centuries. Tangerines are divided into two as seedless and seeded. It contains high levels of antioxidants. Studies have shown that tangerine is effective in the treatment of cancerous cells. In addition, it prevents digestive diseases. Balances the intestinal flora.

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Grapefruit, which is native to the West Indies, is not preferred because of its bitter taste. However, it is used as a raw material in the pharmaceutical industry. Although it looks like an orange in appearance, it is red thanks to its high antioxidant content. Grapefruit is also rich in fiber and protein.


The yellow lemon has countless benefits. It is beneficial for cardiovascular diseases. It reduces the cholesterol level in the blood and prevents the hardening of the arteries. A peeled lemon provides half of the daily vitamin C. It prevents the formation of stone sand in the kidneys. It cleanses the body of toxins by increasing liver function.

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Although it is a plant, it belongs to the citrus family. It is grown in Adana and Hatay in our country. The oil obtained from this plant is used in the treatment of mental illnesses. It calms nerve cells. It cleans germs.

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The skin of the fruit, also known as kumquat, can be consumed without peeling. It has a rather sweet taste. It strengthens the cells in muscle and tissue formation and ensures their regeneration. Therefore, it prevents wrinkles and aging. It is likened to a small orange.

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