Turkish coffee protects against gout if you drink 2 or 3 glasses a day…

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Did you know how beneficial Turkish coffee is to human health, which we all love to consume? It turned out that Turkish coffee protects from gout, which is known as the disease of our age. So what is gout? What are the symptoms of gout? What foods should people with gout never eat? Here are the answers to all your questions from the Department of Rheumatology, Assoc. Dr. We learned from Meryem Can. Here are the curiosities!

Reminding that famous names in history such as Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Suleiman the Magnificent and 14. Louis suffered from gout, Assoc. Dr. Can “If uric acid can be reduced to normal levels in gout, it may be possible to prevent attacks. Diet is an important part of treatment for gout. “Obesity, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, overnutrition or long fasts, alcohol consumption, beverages containing high fructose corn syrup and medications increase the risk of gout,” he said.

Uric acid elevation is common

Noting that high uric acid level, which does not cause complaints, is frequently found in the society, Assoc. Dr. “However, a small percentage of people with high uric acid develop gout. The level of uric acid determines the risk of gout. For example, approximately one-fifth of people with a uric acid level above 9 mg/dL develop gout in 5 years, while this rate remains at 3 percent in those with a uric acid level of 7-8 mg/dL. In addition, the longer the period of high uric acid, the higher the risk of developing gout.

Ways to prevent gout are hidden here!

Making recommendations to prevent gout, Assoc. Dr. Meryem Can, “Obesity, that is, excess weight, increases the risk of gout. For this reason, gout patients should maintain their ideal weight, and if they have excess weight, they should follow a low-calorie diet. Alcohol use both increases the production of uric acid and decreases its excretion from the kidneys and causes an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood. Therefore, gout patients should not drink alcohol. On the other hand, fructose and some fructose-rich beverages also increase uric acid levels and thus the risk of gout. These include excessive consumption of cola and orange juice. However, diet drinks do not increase the risk of gout. Increasing the intake of vitamin C and consumption of 2 or 3 cups of Turkish coffee per day have been shown to have a protective effect. During the attack and in the interim periods; Between 8 and 16 glasses of fluid should be taken daily. Some diuretic blood pressure medications can also increase the level of uric acid in the blood. These medications can be replaced with other blood pressure medications if not essential. The use of aspirin can also increase the uric acid level. However, if it is medically necessary, aspirin should not be discontinued just to reduce uric acid, but should be continued if needed.

Gout patients need to stay away from these foods!

Stating that gout patients should stay away from various foods, Assoc. Dr. Can stated that they should especially avoid purine-rich foods. Assoc. Dr. Can said, “These include offal, red and white meat, delicatessen products, game meats such as duck, goose and quail, and seafood such as fish, squid and shrimp. In addition, animal or solid fats such as butter, margarine, tallow, lard, legumes such as chickpeas, dry beans, peas, lentils, mushrooms, fermented foods, boza are also included in this list. Apart from these, very fatty foods such as cream, cream, mayonnaise, chocolate, and fried foods should be consumed in small amounts. Milk is a protein-rich food that lowers uric acid. For this reason, milk and dairy products can be consumed, but care should be taken to ensure that they are low-fat. Apart from this, fruits, vegetables, snacks such as nuts, corn, corn bread, white bread, cereals such as wheat flour, tarhana, vermicelli, rice, pasta, cereals and cereal products can be consumed as desired. The use of walnuts, cashews, flax seeds and almonds has uric acid-lowering effects.

What are the symptoms of gout?

Pointing out that untreated gout can cause many problems, Assoc. Dr. Can, “If left untreated, it leads to chronic joint damage. The nodular deposition formed by the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the tissues is called tophi. It appears as off-white swellings. Tophus usually occurs 10 years after the first acute gouty arthritis. The emergence of tophus depends on the uric acid level and its duration. The development of tophi can be prevented by treatment of hyperuricemia. Classically, the localization of tophi is the auricle, but it can be seen in skin folds, hands, feet, knees, Achilles tendon and elbows. It is usually painless. If they get bigger, they can cause chronic pain. If the skin on the tophi is opened, white chalky or pasty substances may come out. It can also cause damage and deformities in the joints. At the same time, uric acid crystals may precipitate in the kidneys and cause stone formation and nephritis. The patient’s frequent exacerbations cause loss of work force,” he said.

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