Throwing toxins in the body: What are the benefits of arugula? If you consume regularly…

Arugula, which has a bitter taste and is often confused with lamb’s ear, has many health benefits. Experts emphasize that when consumed regularly, it will help to remove toxins accumulated in the body. We have researched for you those who are curious about arugula, which especially cleans the intestines when consumed with lemon. So what are the benefits of arugula?

Arugula, which is the indispensable food of Mediterranean salad, has many benefits for human health. Various studies have been carried out on this plant, which is harvested at the end of October and can be consumed throughout the winter. In researches, it has been determined that this plant contains all the fertility of the red soil it grows. It is known as Eruca vesicaria in the scientific literature. Arugula, which is from the radish family, is among the weeds. Since it grows in fairly wet areas, it consists of 90 percent water. Although it has a bitter taste, it is preferred in dishes such as salad and pizza among aromatic flavors. The bitter taste is broken by olive oil and lemon. It is very rich in vitamin C. It also contains vitamins K and P and various minerals. Its homeland is Italy. It is located on the Aegean coasts of our country. It is the food most preferred by local people to consume. It benefits the digestive system as it has strong antioxidant properties. It is especially effective in replenishing stomach acid.

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It increases the body’s resistance by increasing the oxygen value needed by the blood. In addition, since it is a strong antioxidant, it creates a shield in the immune system against diseases.

This plant, which is rich in vitamin A in the soil, positively affects the health of teeth and eyes, as well as bone health. By increasing the ability to see, it reduces the risk of catching diseases that are likely to be seen in older ages.

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This plant from the cruciferous family is also rich in vitamin K. This vitamin not only protects bone health, but also helps its proper development. In addition, vitamin K supports the memory part of the brain and reduces the risk of forgetfulness. In some studies, it has been predicted that arugula can prevent risky diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Arugula, which contains phytochemicals such as thiocyanates, sulforaphane or indoles, strengthens immunity and prevents the formation of cancerous cells in the body. Especially in the studies conducted in ovarian cancer, it has been revealed that arugula strengthens the uterus and eggs and reduces the tumor cells that are likely to live.

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There are metabolic health, that is, basic health rules. Regular energy production, fat synthesis, red and white blood cells are vital points that must be balanced in the body for health. These include sufficient amounts of B vitamins in the body. Vitamin B generally affects all the functioning of the body in terms of health. When arugula, which is rich in B vitamins in nature, is consumed regularly, it meets 80 percent of this need.

Experts emphasize that this plant protects the body especially against upper respiratory tract diseases. In addition, since this plant contains solvents, it removes phlegm in the throat and toxinization in the body through the urine.

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Although it is consumed excessively, it does not have a very severe side effect. However, when consumed excessively during the day, it causes blood pressure to rise. This paves the way for heart diseases. In addition, the arugula must be kept in the refrigerator.


Since the nitrate value is high, attention should be paid to its consumption. Otherwise, it can cause serious health problems. Particular attention should be paid to storage.

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