This week is the week of your heart…

The week of February 7-14 is celebrated as World Congenital Heart Diseases Awareness Week every year. Philips also draws attention to the importance of healthy eating for this important week. Because one of the keys to heart health is a healthy diet. Healthy food and cooking develop healthy living habits… Early diagnosis and correct treatment are of great importance in congenital heart diseases. For this reason, families need to be informed and conscious about the issue. That’s why Philips brings the effects of healthy nutrition on heart health in the future to its agenda.

yaz aylarinda kalp sagligini koruma yollari pudra

Philips Turkey Personal Health General Manager Milena Elmasoğlu, “We are aware of the importance of heart health and congenital heart diseases. Every year, more than 1 million children in the world and between 13 and 15 thousand children in Turkey are born with congenital heart disease. These babies can be brought back to life with more than 90-95% success with timely treatments and surgeries, and they can continue their lives as healthy individuals. In addition to early diagnosis and treatment, healthy nutrition for children gains importance.” This news may also interest you:

67 percent of our people prefer home-cooked food, and “54 of them pay attention to consuming fresh fruit/vegetable juice every day. This is a welcome development for us. We, as Philips, continue to produce products and solutions that provide healthy eating habits without sacrificing taste, and try to draw attention to the importance of healthy eating.” )
This news may interest you: Healthy eating and cooking improves healthy living habits…

1548226569 philips airfryer xxl 1Heart One of the keys to good health is eating a healthy diet… However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat the delicious foods we love. it’s in our hands. Especially childhood is a period in which many habits that form the basis for adulthood develop. While one of them is a healthy diet, it is very important to gain adequate and balanced nutrition and healthy eating habits in this period.

Philips Kitchen Appliances make it easy to prepare nutritious and delicious meals at home, helping you maintain a balanced diet while helping you prepare healthy food that kids will love.

For example, Philips Airfryer XXL, which helps you to prepare delicious food quickly and easily using little or no oil, also allows you to drain the excess oil from the food. It is very important for children to gain healthy eating habits in terms of heart health. Philips allows you to take a step towards healthy eating with the Airfyer XXL.

1548226569 philips airfryer xxl 2Philips Airfryer XXL, with its patented Twin Turbostar technology, helps you to prepare crispy outside and soft food, while helping you to prepare healthier foods compared to a normal deep fryer as only air is used. Thus, foods prepared using little or no oil make it easier to switch to a healthy diet. With meals made with the Philips Airfryer XXL, you can protect yourself and your family’s heart health; You can enjoy a healthy diet with wonderfully delicious fries.

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