Therapist Paul Emery is coming to change your life!

British Paul Emery, the creator of Quantum Emotional and Physical Therapy and the award-winning “World’s Best Spiritual Therapist”, is in Turkey as a guest of Richmond Nua Wellness – Spa!

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You can get rid of all the factors that negatively affect your life in just a 1-hour session with Paul Emery, who treats many celebrities from Hollywood and the Royal Family. .

The famous therapist Emery, who created the “QEPR” technique based on the latest scientific discoveries, psychology and neurology, focusing on how negative emotions are created, stored and then revealed in the brain, and changed the lives of thousands of people with this technique, It will help you fight.

The success rate of the QEPR method, which allows you to get rid of your stress, anxiety and trauma-related problems in as little as one hour, is 85 percent and people of all ages can benefit from the therapies. Thanks to these special therapies that show immediate results, you can get rid of your phobias, obsessions and even physical pain.

Don’t miss the chance to receive one-on-one therapy from Paul Emery to remove the obstacles you hide in your brain and to free yourself and live your life the way you want.

Therapy Places and Dates:
09-17 March Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa / Sapanca
18-30 March Richmond Istanbul / Beyoğlu

What is QEPR?

QEPR is a therapy method developed to eliminate the body’s reactions and negative emotions against certain thoughts. Therapy is an advanced form of psychology and is practiced by tapping certain strong acupuncture points. It has been proven that these points are effective areas for purification from emotions.

These methods and techniques, which are very effective in empowering one’s self, can be used by everyone to get rid of problems after they are learned.

QEPR treats emotional problems, but is not counseling. Nor is it the long, slow talk therapy method most of us are familiar with. It does not require any medication, the therapy process is pain-free.
QEPR techniques, unlike most other therapies, have the ability to quickly and easily clear all emotional and physical problems. It usually takes one, sometimes two sessions. You also do not have to visit your therapist again after the first therapy session. In this way, both your time and money will not be wasted.

With QEPR, you can learn healing techniques that you can apply at home when you need it and use it throughout your life to get rid of your later stresses and help you relax physically.

unlulerin terapisti paul emery Who is Paul Emery?
Born in England, Paul Emery studied psychology at the University of Wales, where he worked with Fritz Perls and Dr. He learned the techniques of Carl Rogers. Later, Emery focused on the NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) technique and rose to the level of expertise.

Paul Emery, who worked with Gary Craig, who discovered and improved the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) technique, worked on TFT (Thought Field Therapy), and here again the founders of the technique, Dr. He had the opportunity to work with Roger Callahan. This technique was mainly based on detecting and neutralizing blockages, emotional sensitivity and toxins in anatomical lines in the body.

Paul Emery developed his own energy healing model, the QEPR (Quantum Emotional and Physical Therapy) technique, after years of research and experience. QEPR originated by exploring tiny hit points in the body.

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