The way to prevent the flu is to do sports!

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As we know, we are in the transition of seasons, diseases such as flu and cold are often knocking on our door in these days when the air temperature changes frequently. As the weather starts to get colder, we come into contact with more people in the use of common areas. By increasing body resistance and strengthening the immune system, you can prevent diseases such as colds and flu! For this, Istanbul Okan University Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Dr. Instructor Member Murat Sertan Şahin shared important life-saving information with readers in order to prevent diseases such as flu and cold!

Those Who Do Sports Are Less Affected!

After the disease progresses and the complaints appear, the thing to do is to apply to a doctor and start the necessary drug treatment, but perhaps more importantly; What needs to be done before things get to this point. Primarily; regular nutrition, quality sleep and sportive lifestyle strengthen the immune system significantly. People who have these in their lives are less likely to catch flu infections, and even if they are caught, they recover in a very short time.

If You Have Fever and Trouble Breathing, Don’t Wait!

While patients mostly come to us with complaints such as runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, and muscle pain, some of our patients may also have high fever and respiratory distress. Especially in patients with fever and respiratory distress, advanced age or immune deficiency; Rather than trying to overcome the disease on its own, it is vital to consult an ear, nose and throat physician without wasting time.

Ventilation is Necessary in Crowded Environments!

Another important point is; It is to make good ambient ventilation in crowded living spaces such as schools, nurseries and houses. In this way, the reproduction of microbes is prevented and the risk of interpersonal transmission is minimized. In addition to these, it will be significantly protective for the elderly and immunocompromised patients that we have mentioned, to have the flu vaccine, especially during the months of October-November when flu epidemics are common.

It is imperative to follow these recommendations to stay away from the flu!

To summarize what we need to do to stop the flu in our lives; Before catching the flu, we should eat regularly and rich in vitamins, sleep well, do sports, and if we are at risk, we should definitely get the flu vaccine. When we catch the flu, we should rest a lot, take vitamin supplements, consume plenty of fluids, drink warm and throat-softening drinks such as mint, lemon, ginger instead of cold and acidic drinks, and we should definitely not consume cigarettes or be in the environment where they are consumed. Despite all these practices, complaints do not regress within a few days; on the contrary, if the fever rises, respiratory problems occur; An ear, nose and throat physician should be consulted immediately for the initiation of drug treatment.

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