The three most important tips for staying healthy during Ramadan

The desire to live a healthy life is undoubtedly the only unchanging fact of life since the birth of humanity. Especially in Ramadan, with the change in the diet of fasting people, it is very important for health to reorganize the meal intervals and their contents.

ramazan iftar sahur oruc menusu pide cay sofra

Emphasizing that the month of Ramadan is an important opportunity for both our delicacy and our body to lead a healthier life, Dr. Elif Pahsa talked about what to pay attention to while fasting and healthy iftar menus special for Ramadan.

Don’t turn iftars into a feast

Pahsa, emphasizing the importance of fat adaptation, stomach expandability and intestinal motility; “During this period, you must ensure that your body uses the available fat as an energy source. For this, it is useful to reduce carbohydrates. In fact, I recommend that those who can, prefer a ketogenic diet, that is, if they keep their daily carbohydrate intake between 60-80 grams maximum, they will both provide the right fat adaptation and feel less thirsty. You can also help your stomach shrink by eating less during iftar.

Sample Iftar Menu for Women:

2 dates, 1 scoop of vegetable soup, 4 grilled meatballs, 3 tablespoons of basmati rice pilaf, 1 bowl of green lentil salad .

Sample Iftar Menu for Men:

2 dates, 1 ladle of vegetable soup, 6 grilled meatballs, 6 tablespoons basmati rice pilaf, 1 bowl of green lentil salad .

Pahsa said that the foods consumed in sahur and iftar affect the energy level of the next day; “Fibery foods slow down intestinal motility, allowing you to digest food more easily and you will feel more full because it delays intestinal emptying,” he said.

It is possible to control healthy weight in Ramadan

Suggesting that only liquid should be consumed until the sahur meal after iftar is completed within 1 hour, Dr. Elif Pasha; “It is very important to balance the insulin level in order not to feel hungry the next day and to have a good sleep. Only in this way, our body can adapt to fat and the secretion pattern of growth hormone, melatonin and serotonin can be balanced.

Sample Suhoor Menu for Women:

1 boiled egg, 5 olives, 1 bowl of avocado salad with cheese

Sample for Men Sahur Menu:

2 or 3 boiled eggs, 10 olives, 1 bowl of avocado salad with cheese

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