The new virus that kills in China! What is bunyavirus and what are its symptoms? How is bunyavirus transmitted?

While the second wave of the coronavirus, which has been affecting the whole world for about 9 months, continues, terrible news came. A new virus has emerged in China. We have researched for you what is curious about the bunyavirus, in which 7 people have died so far. So what is Bunyavirus and what are its symptoms? How is bunyavirus transmitted?

In recent years, a new virus has been added to the viruses that have started to be seen in China and cause death. The name of the new virus, which is wondering whether it will cause a pandemic, is bunyavirus. Bunyavirus was first seen in Taiwan. Bunyavirus, seen in 2010, is a virus that can be transmitted from person to person. Bunyavirus, which belongs to the Bunyaviridae family, is in the class ellioviricetes. This type of virus, which is among the single-stranded RNA viruses, causes conditions just like habtavirus and Crimean Congo. It is transmitted by arthropod insects such as mosquitoes, flies or sandflies. This virus, which mixes quickly with the blood, causes conditions such as high fever and joint pain. The virus effect, which is incubated for an average of 2 days, intensifies from the moment it starts. This disease, which has no vaccine, has been seen in China recently. There are studies that the transmission routes of the virus, which caused the death of 7 people, may change.

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Since the virus is rapidly dividing, it is at risk of epidemic. It spreads more rapidly from person to person when it is transmitted from animals with hemophagogous arthropods to humans. Since it kills antibodies in the immune system, it causes rapid changes in body temperature. This causes high fever. Subsequently, high fever causes body aches as it negatively affects the joints and bones. Although it can cause flu-like symptoms, this is three times more likely than a normal flu. Bunyavirus, which causes unbearable pain, caused death in the first years of its existence in Taiwan, as it was mixed with other diseases at first. The virus, which was noticed by the researches of the Taiwan Center for Disease Control, causes abdominal pain, weakness and loss of appetite.

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When it was seen in 2010, it could not be determined exactly in which ways it was transmitted from person to person. However, according to some experts, it was claimed that it was transmitted from person to person. Bunyavirus is transmitted by mixing with the blood as a result of the bite of arthropod animals. It is frequently seen in these months due to the mosquitoes that increase in the summer months. It is often seen in these months in South Asian countries. It was reminded that the bunyavirus is likely to be transmitted from person to person through mucous or blood.

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