The new favorite vitamin store: What is bee bread (Perga)? What are the benefits of bee bread?

What the bees take and extract from pollen produce not only honey, but also several other food sources. One of them is bee bread. Bee bread consists of a mixture of honey and beeswax in the combs where bees make honey. We have searched for those who are curious about this food source, which is strong enough to almost renew the body. So what are the benefits of bee bread?

Bees, which provide the most food source to human beings in nature, do not only transform the pollen they store into honey. At the same time, they secrete a food source to feed themselves in the pedeks they set up for honey production. When the substance they secrete mixes with honey and beeswax, a new food the size of black pepper grains emerges. This food source that emerges over time is called bee bread. After the mixture is fermented, it becomes consumable. This new source, noticed by bee farmers, has become popular in recent years. However, this food source was known by many people who have been intertwined with nature for centuries. In fact, some alternative medicine experts recommend bee bread, which regenerates cells, as a natural food in the treatment of cancer diseases. In the scientific literature, bee bread is called perga. After the mixture ferments in honeycomb nests, it becomes ready for use. Although it is obtained from pollen, bee bread has a high amount of vitamins and minerals because it is crushed and secreted again by the bee. It contains minerals such as protein, lipid, carbohydrate, lactic acid, pantothenic acid, sucrose, amylase, phosphatase. It also contains vitamins C, B1, B2, E, H and K.


– The bees actually store this bread they make around the honeycombs for their winter energy needs. The bees, which cannot find nectar or pollen in the winter, feed on this food and produce honey again. This powerful food source can be consumed by human beings by mixing it with milk. Or it can be boiled with water and drunk. This food source, especially consumed in winter, kills germs and viruses. Just like bees, humans provide energy throughout the winter by strengthening immunity.

– In some studies, it has been revealed that bee bread is especially beneficial for the regeneration of the liver. This nutrient source, which provides rapid regeneration of the liver, also supports skin health and healthier functioning of other organs.

– Being a strong source of vitamin K, bee bread supports mental activity. Bee bread, which increases brain functions, also heals the deformed cells in the nervous system in a short time. Thus, it prevents not only memory but also mental illnesses such as depression and stress.

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– Bee bread, which contains lactic acid, also benefits the muscles and bones. When consumed from childhood, it supports rapid recovery during any complication. It also reduces muscle and bone problems seen in advanced ages.

– Thanks to the fiber it contains, bee bread, which has a koaly melamine, also makes positive contributions to the digestive system. It strengthens the metabolism. It makes the digestive system work faster in the average age of the person.


It is usually consumed with foods such as water, milk, yogurt. It can also be consumed with herbal or black tea. It is recommended to be consumed at breakfast in the morning. While adults can consume 8-10 pieces on average, it is recommended that children aged 2 and over consume 3-4 pieces.

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