The most powerful and natural antibiotic: What are the benefits of Udi Turkey? How to consume Udi Turkey oil?

We have searched for those who are curious about turkey udi, which comes from Far East Asia and has been consumed for centuries for health purposes. Udi turkey, which has a strong germ-scavenging feature, provides one-to-one benefits for upper respiratory tract diseases. It is considered by experts to be the strongest antibiotic. Udi Hindi, which has a woody structure, is usually brought in powder form and used with honey. What are the benefits of Udi Hindi?

The Udi Hindi tree, which is frequently found in India and the Malaya Islands, is also found in most Asian countries. Another name for the evergreen oud turkey tree in summer and winter is the oud tree. In our country, this plant is little known. However, for centuries, Udi Hindi has been a herb frequently used in alternative medicine in other countries. It was brought to Arab countries by the traders by sea, and here it was called Kust-i Bahri. The white color is also called oud turkey. Udi turkey, which is also used in beauty and fragrance products, has a sweet and sharp smell. Plants separated from their leaves are dried in the sun with the sap extracted from the tree. Thus, it becomes ready for use. Since the Udi Hindi plant is a very strong germ killer, experts recommend using this plant to get rid of the coronavirus mildly.

  • It is used both as a powder and as an oil.
  • It increases the functions of the stomach by cleaning the waste foods in the intestines.
  • It shows a strong antibacterial effect against infectious diseases.
  • When the powder is mixed with honey and consumed, it cleans the inflamed mucus in the throat. It is a powerful expectorant.
  • It prevents viruses from settling in the lungs.
  • Udi turkey oil is beneficial for oral wounds.
  • Balances stomach acid.

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It is made into a paste by alternative medicine professionals to make it easier to use. It also has a soft texture. It helps to reduce odor in the mouth by chewing just like cloves. In addition, it reduces the infected cells in the mouth. It prevents gum diseases.

In addition to its germ-killing feature, it has an instant pain reliever effect. Powdered form can be mixed with honey for frequent headaches. This mixture, which strengthens the nerves, relieves headaches.

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Against dry throat or inflammation of the tonsils, turkey udder powder can be mixed with olive oil and consumed. This mixture, which reduces the damage in the throat, removes viruses and bacteria that accumulate with sputum.

Some experts have also recommended the use of oudi turkey in skin diseases; – When mixed with powdered honey, it provides a tense and more lively appearance. In addition, a mixture of turkey oil and olive oil is recommended for those with eczema.

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– Udi turkey, which is a miracle plant for respiration, cleans the throat damaged by viruses and bacteria. It helps to breathe healthier. It removes the increased inflammation in one go.

– It does not allow the accumulation of microbes and bacteria in the body.

– Solves stomach and digestive problems. In particular, it reduces the severity of reflux.

– It gives the necessary energy to the body. It prevents the occurrence of mental conditions such as stress and depression by renewing the nervous system.

– It has a strong painkiller feature.

– Increases the resistance of the immune system.

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It can be drunk directly like a spoonful of medicine for inflammation in the throat.

For people who constantly experience colitis, reflux and ulcers, it is recommended to consume a spoonful after a meal.

Apart from this, mix one teaspoon of udi hundi, one teaspoon of udi hundi oil and one sweet honey. This mixture is beneficial for cleaning the lungs.

For mouth sores, add a teaspoon of udi hundi oil to a glass of warm water. Gargle 3 times a day.


Fill a clean and dry 100 ml glass jar with olive oil. Add two teaspoons of udi hundi powder in it. After mixing well, put it in the sun. Leave this mixture in the sun for at least two weeks without opening.

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