The most expensive mushroom: What are the benefits of truffles? How to consume truffles?

Dolama, which is a type of the most preferred truffle, is equivalent to gold among the people. It grows underground just like potatoes and onions. Its shape is round but irregular. We searched for those who were wondering about dolaman, which contains high nutritional values. It is ideal for those who want to diet, as it contains low fat. So what are the benefits of Dolaman mushroom? How to consume truffles?

The truffle that emerges after heavy rainfall is the most beneficial food. The mushroom, which contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals, is a shapeless round shape with an average diameter of 8 cm. It actually resembles a potato in appearance. It has colors such as pale yellow and brown. The black one is called truffle. The truffles at the bottom of the trees are seen after spring. It usually appears on the counters in May. Mushrooms that emerge on the ground after the rain are collected. It belongs to the ‘Tuberaceae’ family in the scientific literature. There are more than 70 species in the world. It is equated with gold because it is rich in protein. In some regions, the dolaman mushroom is also called keme mushroom. It is usually found in oak and chestnut tree bottoms. However, it is useful to collect it from someone who is very knowledgeable. Otherwise, poisonous ones can be accidentally collected.

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Mushrooms contain protein. The same protein substance contained in 100 grams of red meat can be obtained from a plate of stuffed mushrooms. In addition, truffles contain a low amount of unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids increase the amount of good cholesterol in the blood. This is very beneficial for cardiovascular health. In addition, since it strengthens the bones, it prevents diseases that are likely to be seen in advanced ages. Its most beneficial property is known as an aphrodisiac. It is also an ideal food for those who do not consume meat and are on a diet. Since it is rich in fiber, it positively affects intestinal functions. In terms of benefits, it is just like truffles. Since it is a powerful antioxidant, it cleans the free radicals in the body.

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Locals often prefer to cook over the fire. But in modern kitchens it is added to salads. Make the sauce and add it to the pasta. It can be consumed by making sauté. It is known among the people that its benefit increases when it is consumed together with the herb. It is also consumed by making porridge with chervil and buckthorn leaves. It is very expensive per kilo, as it is rarely found and in small quantities.

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