The most effective way to strengthen immunity in winter: Detox!

With the coming of cold weather, people find the solution in detox centers. Wellness Program Manager Gonca Yarımer: “89% of deaths from COVID-19 are related to 10 chronic diseases. Short-term detoxes play an important role in strengthening immunity.

bilincalti diyet dusunce teknikleri zayiflama yontemleri detoks

Those who want to improve their eating habits, mood and metabolism with cold weather find the solution in health and purification programs. Wellness Program Manager Gonca Yarımer comments on the subject with these words: “Cold makes our weakened immune system more vulnerable to getting sick, as well as early darkening and lack of sunlight bring us closer to winter depression. At this stage, special solutions are offered in purification and regeneration programs that address all the needs of individuals.

“89% of deaths from COVID-19 are related to 10 chronic diseases”
Gonca Yarımer stated that purification and regeneration programs reduce the effects of chronic diseases and said, “COVID-19’s 89% of dandruff deaths are associated with the core 10 chronic diseases. Our programs are also a fundamental step for the transition to a healthy life, especially during the 1 pandemic period. SPA, yoga, meditation, breathing therapy, massage and fitness activities and detox programs that offer expert support in many subjects enable people to reach their highest potential in physical and mental dimensions. We see that in most of the blood pressure patients who detox, the drug use is stopped, their blood pressure returns to normal, in the same way, most of the diabetics stop using the drug again and their sugar levels return to normal within 1-2 days.

Those who want to get rid of the stress of city life prefer detox
Stating that many programs are offered that enable the person to be purified intensively and effectively in a short time with holistic health approaches, Gonca Yarımer conveyed the details presented in Wellnes programs with the following words: “The programs prepared for those looking for a break away from the stress and pollution of the city offer many options such as Master Detox, Low-calorie Nutrition, Ketogenic Nutrition, and Green Liquid Detox. To speed up the process, there are programs that support these programs with turbosonic vibration therapy, infrared sauna, luminette light therapy, massage therapies and many more. After the measurements of the clients, the programs are created by the experts with the consultation of the doctor.”

Detox programs are supported with special supplements

TheLifeCo Wellbeing Wellness Program Manager Gonca Yarımer said, “In TheLifeCo Wellbeing Wellness Program, our guests can enjoy the fresh and iodine-scented sea air early in the morning. It starts with a long walk. Then comes the yoga and meditation session that allows them to listen. It is not necessary to have done yoga before to participate in yoga sessions. Sessions suitable for people of all levels are held in the presence of an instructor. Our programs are supported by training sessions, workshops, film screenings and documentaries that will greatly contribute to the lifestyle of healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.”

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