The main enemy of viruses: What are the benefits of figs? What is the use of fig milk and dried figs?

Figs, which have started to take their place on the counters, have incredible benefits for human health. We have compiled for you those who are curious about figs, which are raw materials in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It can be consumed wet as well as dry. It is a powerful source of fiber. So it keeps full for a long time. So what are the benefits of figs? What is the use of fig milk and dried figs?

Fig, which is mostly consumed as dried; It is a fruit rich in antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins. This nutrient, which has its own milk, is used in the raw material of cosmetic products. Experts emphasize that regular consumption of this rich food in the summer months reduces the risk of intestinal diseases. In addition, thanks to the low calories and high energy it contains, he recommends that it should be at the top of the list of dieters. Fig, which is mostly found in Mediterranean countries, is in the category of fruit grown on trees. There are 800 species of fig belonging to the Mulberry family. Figs, which grow green and turn brown as they stay in the sun, contain a high amount of natural sugar. Our country ranks first in terms of production in the world. It is the raw material of fig cakes and desserts, which are dried and consumed as nuts. It is known by everyone that olives and figs in the Qur’an delay aging and renew the body’s cells. After discovering this situation, Japanese scientists underlined that people should do it as a philosophy of life because these two have many benefits. Experts explained what kind of benefits it provides when 7 olives and 1 fig are consumed regularly every day.

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The white liquid that comes out between the leaf and root of the unripe fig is called fig milk. This milk, which has acidic properties, is also a strong germ killer. Fig milk has been used in skin diseases since ancient times. It is a natural remedy for inflammatory ailments, especially warts and entanglement. In addition, when applied around the ear, it reduces the bacteria that may accumulate around the ear. Studies have shown that fig milk is also effective in removing skin blemishes. It increases the shine and makes the skin smoother.

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According to the researches, it has been determined that the dry form is more beneficial than the wet form. Dried figs, which are incredibly rich in calcium, are very beneficial for the immune, nervous, digestive and bone systems. Experts recommend that a few dried figs should be consumed before sahur, as it keeps you full for a long time. In this way, it gives the person both energy and a feeling of satiety during fasting. Being rich in antioxidants, it acts as a natural remedy for cardiovascular patients. In some other studies, it has been determined that dried figs eliminate the process that paves the way for breast cancer.

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Fig, which is a natural antibiotic, strengthens the immune system against harmful cells. Thanks to the potassium it contains, 4 figs that you will consume daily will reduce the risk of high blood pressure and protect heart health.

Figs, which are rich in vitamin K, strengthen bones and reduce their fragility. In addition, it is effective in balancing the collagen ratio in bone and muscle tissues. It prevents bone diseases that are likely to be seen in advanced ages.

Figs, which should be consumed in winter as well as summer months, are good for body aches caused by upper respiratory tract. If you consume a glass of warm water by mixing figs and honey, you will greatly reduce the throat infection.

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Figs are useful for strengthening hair follicles weakened by cosmetic products and dyes. Thanks to the magnesium it contains, it increases the volume of the hair. You can use fig shampoos made naturally.

It is beneficial for the skin as well as the body. Thanks to the antioxidant it contains, it reduces the rate of acne and pimples on the skin, giving the skin a healthier appearance. Mix the fresh figs, apply the pureed figs to your skin as a mask. Rinse with cold water after 20 minutes.

7 OLIVES ARE WEAKNESS WITH 1 FIG?   to read your news  

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calories –1041

Protein –3.30 grams

Calcium –162 milligrams

Oil –0.93 grams

Carbs –63.87 grams

Fiber –9.8 grams

Candy –47.92 grams

Magnesium –60

potassium –680 milligrams

C vitamin-1.2 milligrams

Vitamin B6 –0.106 milligrams

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Since two foods are very strong antioxidants, they support the cleansing of the body throughout the day. Thus, it delays aging by increasing the number of young cells in the body.

It protects the health of brain cells by contributing to the development of intelligence. Experts recommend that especially pregnant and developmental children consume these foods regularly.

Since it renews the nerve cells, it also reduces the possibility of mental problems. It is especially good for ailments that end in suicide, such as depression and personality disorder.

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This is the most natural way for people who are allergic to lactose to store calcium.

It helps to lose weight by accelerating fat burning during the day. In addition, since it increases the feeling of satiety during the day, it also prevents weight gain.

It should be applied twice a day as soon as you get up in the morning and before going to bed at night. These times are the body’s regeneration hours.

It is a duo that can be easily consumed by diabetics as it balances blood sugar.

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As it strengthens the immune system, it reduces the incidence of cancer. Studies have shown that it reduces the cells of liver, lung and breast cancers.

In this application, it is not important whether the fig is dry or not. Cure shows its effect after 21 days.

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