The harms of eating ice cream, those who eat with a spoon, be careful!

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Did you know that eating ice cream with a spoon is very harmful? Experts warn! Do not consume ice cream with a spoon! So what are the harms of consuming ice cream with a spoon? All those who are curious, Specialist Dr. We learned from Mehmet Soysaraç.


Specialist Dr. Mehmet Soysaraç mentioned that it is more beneficial for children to eat ice cream by licking it instead of a spoon, in order not to cause upper respiratory tract infections.

Soysarac, “In hot summer days, we see ice cream cabinets decorated with colorful flags on every corner and in every market. What to pay attention to when eating ice cream is also a very important issue. People with sensitive upper respiratory tract, especially children, should consume ice cream by licking it, not by spoonfuls, but by licking it. “People should eat ice cream in moderation. We know that 100 grams of ice cream contains 100 calories. Those with sugar and dieters should also eat ice cream in moderation.”said.

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