The harms of delaying menstruation with medication for the holiday

Although women try to organize their holidays according to their menstrual periods during the summer period, the plans made throughout the year may coincide with the menstrual period. Anadolu Health Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Nuri Ceydeli explained, “It is possible to delay the period with some drugs, but this delay does not reduce the psychological effects of the menstrual period on the person.”

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Before the expected period Anadolu Medical Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Nuri Ceydeli, who said that with some drugs, the menstrual date can be brought forward or postponed, said, “A gynecological control should be done before using drugs to delay or delay menstruation.” Saying that it is wrong for women to recommend each other medication. Dr. Nuri Ceydeli said, “As not being able to adjust the timing, not everyone is suitable for changing this cycle. “The doctor needs to make sure that there is no harm in using these drugs,” he said.

Preventing menstruation creates a negative effect psychologically

Stating that even if menstruation is delayed with medication, the natural cycle in the body continues hormonally, the desired effect cannot be achieved in terms of stress. Ceydeli said, “Even if the bleeding is reduced to some extent organically, there will not be a positive psychological effect.”

Swimming should be done instead of the pool

Stating that it is not possible to completely stop an existing period, and adding that the amount of bleeding can only be reduced during menstrual periods that start unexpectedly, Dr. Ceydeli said, “It is possible to reduce the menstrual bleeding of a woman whose menstrual period lasts for 6-7 days with hormone drugs to 2-3 days and to reduce the amount of bleeding.”

Alerting women for holiday periods, Dr. Ceydeli said, “On days when menstruation occurs, one should not enter places such as the sea, pool, sauna, or Turkish bath. You can benefit from the sea by using tampons on holiday, but these tampons should be changed every 2 hours.

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