The effect of colors on our appetite

Summer is coming, we all tend to eat healthy, we start sports, walking enters our lives. In fact, it is the revival of nature that makes us do this. We call it losing weight, but I define it as being healthy and fit or getting lighter. We can use the power of colors to lighten up. Because colors directly affect our appetite. If you are wondering about ways to control our appetite by using colors, be sure to check out this article!


Lightening is not just about losing weight and fat in our body that are not useful to us; to get rid of the burdens on our backs. In this sense, getting lighter is an issue that should be evaluated within the framework of getting rid of our excesses and burdens. Even in Sufism, it is said that eating less, sleeping less and talking less are necessary for a change of rank. That’s why we need to find ways to lighten up. Here we can benefit from the power of colors for these roads. Thanks to colors, it is possible to control our appetite and learn how we should eat just by looking at the colors.

Get inspired by green to learn about healthy eating

Let your tablecloth, dinner plate or napkin be green to keep thoughts about healthy eating in the mind. As green color, it will direct you to healthy food choices and will direct you to eat vegetables and fresh foods.

yesil yemek takimi sunum

If you are very greedy, go for dark blue

Blue is a color that suppresses the appetite, which increases creativity. You can also use blue tones on your plates. Eating on a dark blue plate will not be very enjoyable for you.

lacivert tabak yemek sunum somon ikea

If you want to gain weight, add red to your table

The use of red color stimulates appetite. Especially in fast-food chains, the color red is used both to increase the appetite and to eat immediately and leave the place.

kirmizi yemek tabagi spagetti sunum

If you want to eat healthier, include every color of food on your table

Eating 5 colors of food a day is important for the health of the body. Food in red, green, orange, purple and yellow colors should be on our table every day. See:

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It is said that one of the secrets of longevity in Japan is to have rainbow colors on their tables, that is, to have food of all colors.

japon yemek sunum teknikleri japon mutfagi

Another secret of the Japanese is that they serve small plates on the table and only the main course is served on a large plate. Another principle is that the person leaves the table when he is 80% full, not completely. If you want to be lighter too, don’t leave the table with a binge, make sure to leave an empty place in your stomach.

Don’t just wait for diet times to eat healthy and be lighter. They say you only need a handful of food at each meal. For this reason, be careful not to keep your meals more than a handful in periods other than diet.

When talking about colours, 3 it is not without mentioning whites.

Especially sugar is called “poison”. In fact, our body is not genetically designed to be fed with sugar and carbohydrates. Dr. Ümit Aktaş said, “One of the most important reasons for the explosion in all chronic diseases, from diabetes to cancer, is sugar. Desserts are foods full of sugar, and what the body perceives as sugar is bread, pasta, pies, donuts,” she says.

Go for blue color to stay away from pastries

haslanmis yumurta mavi tabak

In order not to make pasta, ravioli, pies, buns, desserts in the kitchen, green for decoration, You should use blue. You can create a creative combination with shades of blue.

Avoid packaged foods and fast food

Experts recommend not to consume packaged foods to be healthy and fit. Fastfood can’t be on our list anyway. We can’t have the habit of eating the triple menu, which even includes french fries, when we go to a fast-food chain with our children after the cinema, which is a ritual on the weekends.

We are what we eat!

We are what we eat. It is not possible for us to think positively of people who always choose a fat, carbohydrate-heavy diet. When we feel unhappy, remember that the colors we use in decoration can also trigger going to the kitchen and attacking sugar and carbohydrates. For example, orange and red are among the colors that should not be used in the kitchen.

Let’s come to the foods we can consume every day…

Consume green tea every day. So let’s take advantage of the weakening effect of green tea.

As I end my words, I wish to always feel lighter in all 4 seasons.

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