The club of those who do not miss life met in Kadıköy!

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In Turkey, one out of every 4 women aged 40 and over suffers from urinary incontinence. To talk about this problem, under the moderation of Nergis Kumbasar in Istanbul Kadıköy, Continence Association President Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan and board member Prof. Dr. Oktay Demirkesen attended the informative seminar on “Incontinence is a Problem”, which he attended as a speaker. While Demirkesen underlined that urinary incontinence is a disease that affects people’s social life, Tarcan emphasized the importance of controlling the types and causes of urinary incontinence for correct and rapid treatment.

8 more cities to be visited

In our country, 3 million women face the problem of urinary incontinence. After the book project, which was written together with the whole of Turkey, and was about the stories of “missed moments in life” 2 years ago, in order to inform and raise awareness of women with urinary incontinence, Continence Association, Canped and Nergis Kumbasar met to sign another important project in 2019-2020. . Choosing Istanbul as their first stop, this team aims to reach more people related to the disease by traveling to 8 more cities.

Under the leadership of Turkey’s most preferred bladder pad brand, Canped, Continence Association, which carries out important studies on urinary incontinence, and the project representative, famous artist Nergis Kumbasar, came together again for the project “The Club for Those Who Can’t Miss Life”. The first seminar, in which there was an intense participation within the scope of the project, was held in Kadıköy Municipality in Istanbul.

The information seminar on “Incontinence is a Problem”, supported by Kadıköy Municipality Social Life House and held at Kozyatağı Cultural Center Conference Hall, was moderated by Nergis Kumbasar, President of Continence Association. Dr. Tufan Tarcan and board member Prof. Dr. Oktay Demirkesen as a speaker.

Next stop will be Ankara

The second stop of the Don’t Miss Life Club will be in Ankara on October 15. In addition, it was announced that information seminars will be held in Bursa, İzmir, Antalya, Adana, Gaziantep, Erzurum and Trabzon municipalities after Istanbul and Ankara. Along with informative seminars, Nergis Kumbasar aims to announce the issue to more women with street interviews.

Underlining that urinary incontinence is a disease that affects people’s social life, Prof. Dr. Oktay Demirkesen stated that this disease is more common in women after the age of 40, and that it occurs in both men and women in later ages.

“Patients go to the doctor with prejudice”

Expressing that there can be many diseases behind the symptom of this disease, the President of the Continence Association Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan emphasized the importance of controlling the types and causes of urinary incontinence for correct and rapid treatment. Noting that patients go to the doctor with the prejudice of medication or surgery at the point of treatment, Tarcan continued: “How and when do you leak urine? Are you leaking urine with a sudden feeling of urgency? This is called urge urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence by coughing or sneezing is called stress urinary incontinence. Mixed incontinence if you have both. Unknowingly, this is called continuous type of urinary incontinence. If you have decreased mobility and you have difficulty in movement, we call it functional urinary incontinence. Physician should distinguish this well. That’s why doctors ask you detailed questions about it. Sometimes, when no answer can be found with questions or with tests, it is also revealed which urinary incontinence is.”

Saying that the types of the disease are very important in urinary incontinence, Oktay Demirkesen said, “Stress-type urinary incontinence is more common in the 40-50s. At later ages, functional urinary incontinence occurs on both sides. After distinguishing the cause, the treatment method is determined.” said.

Mentioning that urinary incontinence is experienced while laughing or laughing, Tufan Tarcan said, “If your children are over the age of 4 and they are still not completely dry, they should consult a doctor. Innocent urinary incontinence should be prevented as soon as possible. It can have social effects on children. It can even lead to kidney failure.” he said.

“Walking and pilates have a positive effect”

Pointing out that pregnancy is a risk factor, Demirkesen said, “Walking and pilates have a positive effect on urinary incontinence. We can say that it will be particularly beneficial for stress urinary incontinence.” made a statement.

When Nergis Kumbasar asked that even educated women feel uncomfortable talking about this disease with their friends, Tufan Tarcan replied: “One out of every three women over the age of 60 has urinary incontinence. 12 percent of women with urinary incontinence go to the doctor just for this reason. Sports and weight are very important in this disease. We definitely need to get rid of excess weight. The habit of pushing is a very harmful habit. It is very important for this disease to defecate comfortably in order not to catch this disease in the following processes. It is necessary to pay attention to nutrition and smoking. Smoking must be stopped. Patients have a fear of getting worse when they go to the doctor. Rather than embarrassment, this pulls people back about going to the doctor.”

“It is very important to see a specialist doctor in this disease”

Demirkesen, stating that patients should meet with specialist doctors in order to avoid wrong practices, said, “Otherwise, wrong practices may occur. These can cause negative situations in patients.” he said. Oktay Demirkesen concluded his words as follows: “It is necessary to put lifestyle change in the first place. Liquid consumption, sugar consumption should be regulated. Depending on the type of urinary incontinence, a fork in the road is entered. There are many different forms of treatment. Injection into the bladder. The success rate of treatments is also high. As we get older, body defects become more common. Problems that reduce the quality of life related to urination may occur because of the problem. Sleep patterns are disrupted.” said.

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