The breakfast debate is growing! From Ender Saraç, Dr. The response to Mehmet Öz was not delayed

Doctor Mehmet Öz, who came to the agenda with his statements in America, said not to have breakfast. Thereupon, Ender Saraç emphasized that you do not agree with these explanations in the program he attended and that Turkish breakfast is important.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist of the Obesity Combat Committee, which was established under the Parliamentary Petition Commission. Ender Saraç answered the questions of the journalists. Sarac, Dr. by Mehmet Oz “There is no need to have breakfast, not to eat without getting hungry” He answered his questions about his words that he needed it. Dr. In Öz’s words about breakfast, only ‘don’t eat without getting hungry’Saraç stated that he participated in the “Breakfast is the most important meal in our Turkish society, even in the whole world. There is a saying, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’. I agree with that. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”said.

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Saraç also gave information about what should and should not be eaten for a healthy breakfast. Saddler “Classic Turkish breakfast; not pastries, breads, bagels, pastries, pastries, but mostly protein-based. It is a low-fat cheese with plenty of ‘D’ vitamin and calcium, like an egg, maybe a piece of cottage cheese. Lots of greenery, squeezing lemon on top, our essential olive oil, sometimes our village butter, a slice of whole grain bread leavened with sourdough. Next to it, alkaline herbal tea, my preference is green tea, but classical Turkish tea is also possible, provided that it is unsweetened. A teaspoon of honey or tahini molasses is a wonderful and healthy breakfast. I think we should not give up breakfast”said.


Asked if he had breakfast, Saraç said he ate breakfast, a slice of whole grain bread, olives, olive oil, low-fat cottage cheese, fresh mix, greens and a teaspoon of honey. Saddler, “I eat breakfast, neither gain weight nor get sick” he replied. Expressing that he did not mention a breakfast with pastries and sugar, Saraç said that he also recommends breakfast with tarhana and lentil soup twice a week, especially in winter.

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