The biggest cause of stress that causes hair breaker!

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This disorder, which is seen in many people without distinction between men and women, causes hair loss in the area. What causes ringworm, which is a nightmare for many people? How is it treated? We have compiled the answers to such questions for you. Here are all the questions about hair breaker!

What is ringworm?

This insidious disease, the symptoms of which are not very clear, is a skin disease caused by fungi. Even under the name of alopecia, this disease is a disease that occurs when fungi in the nails and toes cause infection. Ringworm is examined as 2 female-male ringworm. Female ringworm spreads faster and stronger than male ringworm. Female ringworm, which can easily reach every part of the hair, can be permanent. Male ringworm, on the other hand, spreads more slowly than females and it is easier to take precautions.

How is ringworm treated?

The first step in this curable disease is to destroy the infection that causes ringworm. Then, with the help of drugs such as powder, tablets or creams such as fungicide, ringworm can be prevented.

Stress and nervous factors are the main reason!

There are various reasons that play a role in the formation of ringworm. These reasons include the immune system, genetic characteristics, stress and nervous factors. It is a discomfort that occurs suddenly, regardless of any symptom, and it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as it occurs. If there is someone in your family with ringworm, this is one of the most effective causes. In addition, stress causes hair loss. In fact, perhaps the most effective cause of ringworm formation is stress. Emotional depressions such as stress, sadness and low mood cause the immune system to weaken. A body with a weakened immune system also lays the groundwork for ringworm. It is likely to be seen in a student who is under high stress during the exam or someone working on an important job.

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