Thanks to the special macular lens, yellow spot patients will be able to see more

In yellow spot disease , which is a retinal problem , when the disease develops, people cannot see the middle of where they look. Only the edges are visible. Since the middle part, which is the most important part of the vision, is deteriorated with macular degeneration, the quality of vision is also seriously affected. This is the reason why people become unable to read and perform their daily activities over time. However, today, thanks to the development of medicine and technology, it has become possible to restore vision to a certain extent, thanks to macular lenses specific to macular degeneration, which is known as macular degeneration among the people.

goz ici lensi makula dejenerasyonu

In the treatment of yellow spot disease , although a certain amount of vision can be achieved with special telescopic glasses, which was not very practical, There was no complete relief. Apart from this, there were intraocular injections for the wet type of macular degeneration to slow and stop the progression of the disease. However, these treatments could not help the advanced eye problem to regress or the person to see more.

With macular lenses, yellow spot patients will be able to see more!

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. According to the information we received from Sinan Göker, the special macular lens , which is being used very frequently in the world, is used for age-related macular degeneration

Vision loss in age-related macular degeneration can reach very advanced degrees, and the percentage of people’s vision can drop to almost 20 percent, up to 10 percent, Sinan Göker states that these 10-20-30-40 points, which are increased with special yellow spot lenses, are very important points in terms of the visual quality of the person. To give an example, the success achieved with macular lenses significantly improves the quality of life, since 30 percent vision success means 50 percent vision in a person whose vision quality has reached 20 percent. Because while this person cannot read in any way, thanks to this lens, he can now read and do his daily work comfortably.

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