Surprising research: Gingivitis increases death rate in coronavirus cases

In studies conducted by scientists in Canada, it was found that people suffering from gingivitis have a higher risk of death when they get coronavirus than other patients.

Researchers at McGill University in Canada put forward a thesis about gingivitis, which is common around the world. He reported a link between coronavirus and gingivitis. The low level of oral hygiene causes development and rapid spread for the coronavirus. Patients with gingivitis, which increases the risk by 8 times, are less likely to recover.

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Professor Belinda Nicolau from the McGill School of Dentistry expressed the results of her research in these words:

“Looking at the results of our study reveals the importance of good oral health in the prevention and management of Covid-19 complications. There is a very strong relationship between periodontitis and disease outcome.”

In addition, Wenji Cai, a partner in the study, “Periodontitis has been recognized as a risk factor for many diseases, both oral and systemic. If left untreated, this inflammation can spread throughout the body. Scientists have also found links between the condition and heart disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases. There is also a relationship between the risk of pregnancy complications.he said.

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