Special awareness for hepatitis B disease from Hayrettin!

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Hepatitis B disease is increasing day by day in Turkey. According to the data of the 2018-2023 Viral Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program prepared by the Viral Hepatitis Fighting Association and the Turkish Liver Research Association together with the Ministry of Health, although hepatitis B disease, which has a low public awareness rate, can be controlled with treatment, unfortunately, adult age above 18 years of age. 1.8 million people in the group are not aware of the disease.

Awareness project with the slogan “Leave a Yellow Note to Life” reached 4.5 million people

In order to increase the awareness of Hepatitis B, the Association for Combating Viral Hepatitis launched the Hepatitis B awareness project with the slogan “Leave a Yellow Note to Life” together with the famous artist Hayrettin and Sarı Mikrofon last year. From the beginning of the campaign to the present, the website, social media
A total of 4.5 million people were reached with his posts and interviews.

In order to raise awareness of Hepatitis B in the society and to tell more people about the ways of protection from the disease, you can also enter the website Hayatsarınotbırak.com and #Netaşiyoroleğin? You can answer the question, share the site of the campaign with your answer on your social media accounts, and thus make it easier for you.
You can inform many people.

Hayrettin is preparing for a big surprise

The Association for Combating Viral Hepatitis continues its efforts to raise awareness of people about Hepatitis B disease this year as well. Hayrettin, who is the face of the social responsibility project initiated last year to raise awareness of hepatitis B in the society, is preparing for a big surprise this year on July 28, World Hepatitis B Day. Hayrettin’s social media account ‘What could you be carrying?’ With its special Instagram filter, it aims to raise viral awareness about the viral disease and announce it to wider circles. Hayrettin will also publish 10 story videos using the Instagram special filter and tagging the campaign account, in the new campaign clip. Social
A hepatitis B themed song and clip will be prepared, accompanied by images collected in the media. In October, this video clip is planned to be released for awareness.

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prof. Dr. Fehmi Tabak: “Our aim is to inform the society correctly”

President of the Association for Combating Viral Hepatitis Prof. Dr. Fehmi Tabak stated that with the project they will carry out this year, they aim to reach wider audiences in order to raise awareness about Hepatitis B disease. Emphasizing that everyone is likely to encounter hepatitis viruses, Prof. Dr. Fehmi Tabak stated that he learned that many people carry the virus by chance and continued as follows: “It is possible for a completely healthy person to learn that he is a carrier of type B hepatitis after a blood donation or to hear that he has chronic hepatitis during routine blood checks. It can not be predicted how much one’s psychology can change unnecessarily by learning exaggerated and hearsay information about hepatitis.
It’s not hard to do. For this reason, our aim is to inform the society correctly and to be successful in the fight against the disease. The fight against hepatitis, on the other hand, is together with health workers, lawmakers, health policy makers and the society.”

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How is hepatitis B transmitted?

Hepatitis B; It can be easily transmitted with body fluids such as blood, by sharing items such as razors, syringes, toothbrushes. About 10 percent of adult patients infected with the virus do not develop immunity to the disease and these people become chronic hepatitis B patients. Chronic hepatitis B disease may not show any symptoms for 20-30 years. However, during this quiet period, the virus began to adversely affect the liver.

After a certain period of time, about 20-30 percent of patients with Chronic Hepatitis B who do not receive treatment may develop serious liver diseases such as cirrhosis or liver cancer. Hepatitis B disease is one of the most common causes of liver diseases and liver cancer. The hepatitis B virus cannot be completely eliminated from the body, but it can be controlled with effective treatment and prevented from causing bad results.

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