Sleep regulating: What are the benefits of buttermilk? What happens if you drink a glass of buttermilk every day?

We researched everything you didn’t know about ayran, which we consume almost every day, especially with meat dishes. Ayran, which has a fermented structure, benefits all digestive diseases from constipation to gastritis. It is obtained from the mixture of yogurt and water. So what are the benefits of ayran? Experts emphasize that consuming a regular glass of ayran every day both keeps you full for a long time and regulates sleep.

Yogurt with the highest nutritional value is obtained from milk and milk yeast. Yogurt, which has a fermented structure thanks to live lactic acid bacteria in its content, provides many benefits to human health. Ayran obtained from yoghurt produced for 6000 years provides the same benefits as yoghurt. On a plus side, it increases the body’s fluid ratio. Ayran, which is very beneficial for digestion, is the best food for toilet needs. The appetizer made from yoghurt, produced for the first time in Anatolia and spread all over the world, prevents the formation of damage to the body by balancing the fat and salt ratios of the meals. Yogurt, the healthiest food used in the Ottoman period, contributes not only to body health but also to skin health. It contains sodium, protein, potassium, folate, thiamine, vitamins A, B, C, E, K and B12.

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It helps in adjusting the pressure and heat rate experienced in the body during seasonal transitions. Thus, it prepares the body against diseases. It prevents excessive secretion of sweat glands in the body, especially when consumed after meals.

Many people experience indigestion, bloating and gas after meals. In order to avoid these situations, it is beneficial to consume a glass after the meal. In addition to facilitating digestion by reducing the discomfort caused by the oils in the meals, it also removes the accumulated bacteria through the urine. Ayran is the most beneficial nutrient in balancing the intestinal flora. Thus, it prevents the accumulation of toxins that cause gas.

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It is in the first place in the diet lists of those who want to lose weight. Thanks to its strong nutritional values, it ensures that the body remains energized and full for a long time. In this way, it is good not only for weight loss, but also for stress and fatigue during the day. It is recommended to consume a glass every day, especially for those working in closed areas.

Ayran obtained with yogurt is very useful in the elastic structure of the skin. Ayran, which is effective in regulating the deformed areas of the skin, can be used as a tonic.

Ayran, which is one of the foods that should be consumed regularly by people who do sports, contributes to bone and muscle development. Specialists recommend that especially adolescents and pregnant women consume buttermilk, which supports bone development thanks to the calcium it contains.

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As cholesterol increases in the body, it causes clogged arteries. This paves the way for increased heart disease. Ayran is the healthiest way to balance this situation. In addition, ayran reduces the risk of sudden stroke by balancing blood pressure.

It prevents the occurrence of discomfort such as nervousness by calming the nerve cells. It strengthens brain health. By secreting the hormone melatonin, it allows the person to sleep comfortably in the evening. It reduces the risk of forgetfulness.

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Ayran, which is among the ideal foods especially for dieters, helps keep you full for a long time. It is preferred to be consumed as a snack. In addition, ayran is effective for those who have sleep problems. When consumed regularly, it supports the work of the hormone melatonin, thus helping the person to have a comfortable sleep. However, experts warn for people who will consume it every day. He emphasizes that it is healthier not to make it from fatty yoghurt, and it may be more beneficial not to add salt to its content.

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