Sleep more comfortably on your special days

Every month, starting from adolescence, certain days are painful for women. The health and hygiene of the genital area becomes much more important during the menstrual periods, where some people have less bleeding and some have heavy bleeding. During these periods, you feel more sluggish and need more sleep and rest. For this reason, pad selection is very important on special occasions.

kadin yalniz mutlu uyku

An adult needs an average of 7-9 hours of sleep. In this sense, waking up many times on special days for reasons such as leakage or itching of the pad also makes those days more uncomfortable. For this reason, your choice of pads for your special days becomes even more important. It is very important that the pad does not feel too much on the skin, that it is protective and prevents leaks.

Considerations when choosing pads

– The pads you use must be made of natural materials and be protective. In this sense, choose pads with cotton content.

– The top surface of the pads should be cottony and the wings should be silky. Thus, the pad gives your skin the softness it deserves. This also prevents diaper rash in the genital area.

– For a more efficient and comfortable sleep, your pad should be leak-proof. In this sense, it would be more correct to turn to poultry products. Thanks to the high-level protection to be provided with poultry products, your fear of “leakage” will disappear during the day and you will sleep comfortably throughout the night.

– The pads used during the menstrual period should definitely be chosen according to the intensity of bleeding. You can choose products with names such as winged normal for normal busy days, winged long or night for busier days.

– People who have a very busy menstrual period, whose sleep is broken quickly and have trouble falling asleep again, should definitely turn to night products in order to have a much more comfortable night without interrupting their sleep.

kadin yalniz mutlu uyku Considerations for using pads

– Do not take long changing times while using pads.

– Change your pad the first time you feel uncomfortable or wet.

– Do not carry pads in the open. Especially keep the cotton side that will come into contact with your genital area without soiling it.

– Change your pad at regular intervals, every 3-4 hours, even if you have little bleeding. Do not wait until the pad is completely soiled before changing the pad.

– Use regular winged night pads when going to bed at night, even if you use tampons in your daily life or while exercising during your menstrual period. Because the use of tampons at night is not recommended.

– Pay even more attention to your genital area hygiene during your period. Since your external genital area will be even more sensitive during this period, use special paraben-free wash gels that match the pH of the external genital area. This not only gives relief to your skin, but also prevents the occurrence of problems such as diaper rash, as the pH of the skin is preserved.

– If you have very sensitive and allergic skin, the fact that the top surface of your pad, especially the cotton pad, which touches your skin, is completely cotton will reduce the irritation of your genital area.

Take care of your panties selection

– In addition to all these, turn to seamless panties, especially during menstruation and for a few days after menstruation. Make sure that the contents of your panties are completely cotton.

– The fact that the elastic parts of the panties are seamless will help to significantly reduce the irritations in your private period.

Take care of genital area hygiene during menstruation

The outer genital area, which is the most humid, hottest and sensitive area of ​​the female body, needs special care and cleaning. Menstrual periods, which are medically referred to as menstruation, are times when genital area hygiene can be disrupted. Because the number of protective bacteria naturally found in the vagina decreases during menstruation, and bad bacteria multiply. For this reason, it is necessary to change sanitary pads and tampons very frequently during this period, as well as to provide cleaning and hygiene with special area care products that do not contain only paraben for the external genital area.

All these issues that you will pay attention to will help you spend your special days more comfortably and healthily, and sleep much better. On your regional special days, your sleep will not be interrupted, you will start the day energetically and vigorously.

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