Silence is more important to our mind than we think!

We would not have thought that we would start an article on silence with a country’s promotional campaign. But here we go: In 2011 Finnish Tourist Board ran a campaign using silence as a product. It was a campaign calling on people to recognize the beauty of this quiet country. Photographs of figures who are alone in nature were used with the slogan “Silence, please”. Simon Anholt is an international consultant working on the brand values ​​of countries. He describes this campaign with the sentence “There is no talk, there is action”. “We wanted to present it as a good thing, rather than saying it’s empty, really quiet and nobody talks to anybody,” says Eva Kiviranta, social media manager of V .

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Finland may have really caught something big. You can see this as the beginning of silence as a marketing point. It’s understandable that the silence is more and more impressive as everywhere in the world is getting louder and more complex. You may find yourself looking at places that offer quiet spaces and quietness . While scientific studies show that silence is more important to our minds than we think, turning to silence is certainly a smart move.

Revived brain cells may be the result of silence

A study published in 2013 in the journal Brain, Structure and Functionused investigated the effect of sound and silence on mice. Silence was used as a control group, but their results were surprising. After two hours of silence, the scientists noticed that the mice were producing new cells in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the memory, emotion and learning region of the brain.
The formation of new cells in the brain does not necessarily mean tangible health benefits. However, researcher Imke Kirste explains that in a state of silence, the cells that form become functioning neurons.

“We find that silence helps newly formed cells to become neurons and join the system.” In this sense, silence can actually enlarge your brain .

The brain can analyze and evaluate information in silence

A 2001 study describing the brain’s “default mode” showed that it analyzes information when the brain is in “resting” mode.

According to another study that followed, the “default mode” is also used in the “self-reflection” situation. In the article written by Joseph Moran and published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience in 2013 , it was stated that the brain’s default mode network works most in the process of reflecting one’s own personality. gains freedom .

Default mode helps you think deep things creatively .
As Herman Melville wrote

Silence reduces stress and tension.
It is known that noise has a physical effect on our brain. Noise increases the level of stress hormones. Sound waves reach our brain as electronic signals through the ear. The body reacts to these signals even while sleeping. The amygdala (located in the temporal lobes of the brain), the part of our brain that is associated with memory formation and emotions, activates and causes stress. If you live in a constantly noisy environment, you are most likely chronically high stress .

A 2002 study (Vol. 13, No. 9) published in the journal Psychological Science investigated the impact of moving Munich Airport on children’s health and cognitive development. Gary W. Evans, professor of Human Ecology at Cornell University, found that two minutes of silence is more relaxing than listening to “calming music,” according to a study published in the journal “Noise Encountered Heart . These discoveries were based on the state of the heart rate and blood flow in the brain.

Silence restores cognitive resources

Noise pollution has proven to have an impact on your cognitive task performance Noise work and

According to attention restoration theory , sensory input When you are in a low-level environment, the brain can regain some of its cognitive abilities.In silence, the brain has a chance to lower its sensory input guard, and thus it can restore some of what it lost in loud noise

As a result

It might be nice to have going to Finland on your list of things to do. In addition, you can find the silence you need. Or if Finland is too far for you, you can take a quiet walk in a peaceful place in your surroundings. This is the best proof that you are doing something good for yourself and your brain.


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