Setting fires: What is pyromania? What are the symptoms of pyromania?

Pyromania, which is one of the impulse disorders, is a psychological disorder that causes a person to start a fire. It can lead to serious consequences if not treated properly. This disease, which cannot be noticed for a long time, should be supervised by a specialist. Pyromania can harm both the person and the environment. So, set fires: What is pyromania? What are the symptoms of pyromania?

People are fighting many diseases not only physically but also psychologically. However, psychological problems are not very common. One of them is pyromania. It is not known exactly when and by whom the pyromania disease, which is triggered by situations such as attention-seeking as well as impulse disorder, was diagnosed. The dangerous dimension of the disease is that the patient does the same thing all the time without being able to control himself. In addition, the patient is happy to start a fire. This rare disease is more common in men than women. People with this disease often want to run away from school or run away from home at an early age. It also avoids taking responsibility. He always makes mistakes when he is under responsibility.

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It usually starts in childhood. Anger and anger lose their control. In adolescence, this situation causes the communication between parents to be broken. Studies have shown that when the nervous system is impaired in men than in women, it is more difficult to treat. Therefore, pyromania is more common in men. These people with low intelligence level are happy by starting a fire when they are sad. People who were exposed to oppression and violence as children become deformed because they put excessive strain on the nervous system going to the brain. This invites disease. The people around him do not realize this at first, but in advancing ages, the patient begins to betray himself. Suppressed emotions cause the patient to set fires with impulses. In addition, the patient’s social environment is broken, and he avoids talking to people.

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– Speaking loudly and being nervous

– No regrets in the face of mistakes

– Admire firefighting equipment

– Don’t watch this with a smile after you burn the places that shouldn’t be burned

– Take pleasure in inflicting harm

– Quick and unnecessary reaction to events

– In addition to the symptoms such as laughing out loud after a fire, these people are also inclined to harm animals and people around them.

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Pyromania, which is a dangerous disease, also requires early diagnosis and treatment. Otherwise, it may harm others or even itself. However, the patient’s impulses are first taken under control in order to be treated. At the same time, the patient must admit that he is sick. Constant denial causes the disease to continue. It is treated with both medication and therapy.

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