Selection of tights and trousers suitable for sports for women

It is very important to choose the sportswear that we choose in order not to restrict our movements during exercise, but also to protect the waist area and to keep it tight, suitable for different sports. We wrote for readers about leggings and trousers that women can use during sports.

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1) Ideal for yoga and pilates movements: Sculpt tights
Like yoga, pilates and ballet Designed to meet the needs of dance types, the tights support the waist, allowing you to perform poses more comfortably.

Professional ballerina Nardia Boodoo, “Dancers’ waists need to be extremely stable and tight. You need to feel that the navel to spine is stable. The waist of these tights is just the thickness I need and my rib cage is tight. It goes all the way to the bottom. The cut of the tights makes my legs look longer and my torso smaller, allowing me to feel confident and make sure I look good.”

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2) To be the star of the tracks: Speed ​​tights
speed, designed to make you feel light and unobstructed on speed runs The tights compression also reduce soft tissue movements, allowing you to run faster.

nike tayt speed
3) Not thinking about your belongings while doing sports: Epic Lux tights
Designed as technical running tights epic lux tights , thanks to their design, you can sing from your phone even when you are on the go. It allows you to change messages, reply to messages and take photos quickly.

nike epic tayt
4) The easy way to workout: Power tights
Tights designed with attention to the 6 basic movements: push, pull, lunge, squat, twist and turn powermesh fabric provides moderate compression while at the same time creating a smooth touch, allowing you to stay dry and cool even during the most intense workouts.
nike tayt power
5) For a comfortable stretch: Pro Tights

Pro leggings, which are so comfortable and very light that you will not feel their presence especially in flexibility and weight training, can be used alone or as shorts. You can use it as a layer underneath.

6) For Spinning: Fly tights
Fly tights hug the body without restraint. These tights, which are slightly below the knee, do not go down enough to restrict movement. Since it is designed using a new sewing style, the seams do not irritate your body and do not cause discomfort when your body is hot.
nike tayt fly
7) Catch your own rhythm: Bliss pants

Nike Bliss Trousers, which will allow you to move without restricting yourself for sports that require multi-directional movements, such as dance or boxing, comfortable cut and Thanks to its woven fabric, it makes you feel light. It facilitates the transition from one movement to another.

bliss nike tayt
8) For correct yoga postures: Flow pants

With its extremely soft jersey texture, Nike Flow pants provide great comfort. Draping and loose silhouette facilitate stretching movements such as dancer pose and half moon pose .

Flow pants designer and head of Nike’s design department, Jeongwoo Lee, describes the product as follows: “During our research, we learned that there are women who want to wear pants while doing yoga, too. We designed a pair of pants that offer them 360-degree freedom of movement.”
nike flow
9) The easy way to run: Swift pants
An extra option for female runners who prefer trousers over tights while running, swift pants are great for both running and daily use. It offers comfort.

nike swift tayt

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