Scientists warned! Young people are in danger…

Studies have shown growth in the back of the head of young people between the ages of 18-30. Experts warned that this condition, which is normally seen in adults at advanced ages, is seen in young people. It was assumed that this bone in the brain was growing for many reasons, from the wrong sitting position to the use of mobile phones.

In a normal person, serious complications are experienced in the body in the old age stage. The most interesting of these is the change in the bones. In a study conducted at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia on this change, it was determined that the change decreased to 18-30 years old. This situation is called mechanical load.

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In addition to the changing environmental effect on bone growth, which is almost impossible to be seen in people aged 40 and under, nutrition, wrong sitting, lying positions and most importantly, cell phone use.

In mobile phone use; The downward shift of the neck negatively affects the entire part from the spinal cord to the brain. It causes a bone in the shape of a “horn” to come out. It is recommended that it is impossible to be indispensable for desk work or frequent tablet phone use, which is common today, but it is recommended to use it correctly and pay attention to the posture of the body while using it.

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