Scientific Committee Member: Using the wrong mask increases the risk! Is the mask affected by rain?

The use of masks is one of the most important rules in these days when we are fighting against the coronavirus. However, many people are at risk again because they use the mask incorrectly. Experts emphasize that the mask, which is constantly touched after being put on, does not provide protection. In addition, it was wondered whether the getting wet of the masks in these days when it was raining affected the risk of spreading the virus.

Since the risk of transmission of the virus is through the nose and mouth, experts constantly emphasize the importance of hygiene, social distance and the use of masks. However, there are some people who are in the risk group despite the use of masks. These are caused by the wrong use of the mask. Continuously touching the surface of the mask after wearing the mask increases the transmission rate of the virus. Explaining about the masks, which are the way of protection from the coronavirus, which is at risk of transmission through the mouth, nose and eye, experts underlined hand hygiene. Experts, who said that hands should be disinfected while putting on or taking off the mask, also reminded that the surface should not be touched after wearing the mask.

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Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health Prof. Dr. Hasan Tezer, how the mask should be used “We should take the mask in our hands by holding it by both ropes without touching its front face or inner face. First of all, we bend the iron area that will come to the root of our nose in the middle and place it on our face with the folded face out. We pull it upwards towards the root of our nose, the sides of our nose should not remain open. Under our chin. “explained in his words.

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Tezer said that viruses or different types of microbes transmitted from the surface of the mask to the hands will increase the risk. The member of the science rule continued his statements with these words:

We will not use the mask jointly by saying, “We use it very cleanly.” And we will not use the mask in common. And our nose will not be exposed. We may also be infected, we may become sick, and the correct use of masks is very important in order not to infect others. “We will wash with soap and water for 20 seconds. If there is no soap and water, we will rub and clean our hands with alcohol-based antiseptics. In this way, we will use the correct mask.”

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Increasing precipitation with the suppression of cold weather causes the masks to get wet. This brought to mind the questions of whether the masks work or not. However, experts said that high-quality masks have protective properties even when wet, but masks that are out of production under the stairs increase the risk in rain oil. For this reason, it was announced that they should be careful in purchasing quality masks. It was underlined once again that masks, which is one of the important rules that reduce the severity of the disease, should not be colored. Colored and rain-soaked masks can cause skin diseases, as well as the materials used in coloring by respiration, which can cause damage to the lungs. White three-layer masks that will cover the entire mouth and nose are the most ideal ones.

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