Scary research! Sold in grocery stores and most threatening women

Studies have shown that one of the factors that trigger the risk of breast cancer is deodorant products. For years, scientists have been discriminating on this issue, but research shows that this risk is high.

The aluminum substance used in deodorant production prevents excessive sweating by closing the sweat pores. However, it was being investigated whether this substance also mimics female hormones. For years, the scientific world was divided on this issue. In the latest research, one of the risks of breast cancer was considered to be deodorants.

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Does deodorant cause breast cancer?

The reason for this was determined that the aluminum substance affects the salt ratios in the body. This directly affects female hormones negatively. Studies carried out by Oxford University and the Swiss organization Grangettes Hematology and Oncology Center, which examines blood diseases and cancer, led to the emergence of a terrible picture.

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It has been learned that the cells in the sweat pores of some deodorants, especially those produced under the stairs and chosen solely for their odor appeal, are deformed. In the ongoing research, it was determined that the cells exposed to aluminum were malignant.

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