Sad news from Nilüfer! What is a fungal infection? How many types of fungal infections are there?

Fungal infection, which is usually seen on the surface of the skin, actually settles inside the body and descends to the lungs. Infection that settles on the lining of the lungs causes serious respiratory ailments. Aspergillus fungus was detected in Singer Nilüfer. This virus needs to be treated in a timely manner. So what is a fungal infection? How many types of fungal infections are there? The answers to all the questions are in the details of the news:

Fungal infection, which increases with air change, causes serious deformations in the area where it settles. Fungal infection occurs when several types of bacteria come together. This infection, which can easily take place in the lungs, blood and skin, brings with it other health problems if not intervened in a timely manner. Aspergillus fungal infection that descends to the lungs is usually seen as a result of side effects of drugs or other diseases. Singer Nilüfer is thought to be caused by the side effects of the drugs she used after the swine flu she had recently experienced. 64-year-old Nilüfer, from her social media account ” I would like to thank my friends, lovers and followers who gave me moral support and sent their love and good wishes during my illness. This support is invaluable to me. I hope I’ll be back at the beginning of the summer, just recovered.” He wrote a note and stated that he needed to rest at home during the treatment. This type of infection, which negatively affects the immune system, also has a high recurrence rate. At the same time, fungal infection is frequently seen in the nails in men and in the bikini area in women. It disrupts the DNA of the area where it is. Fungal infection caused by bacteria called Candida albicans; It is frequently seen on the body, nails, feet, groin and scalp areas.

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In polluted environments

During contact with a person whose body has been infected with a fungal infection before

People with weak immune system

It is also transmitted by contact with an animal infected with a fungal disease.

The most common side effect of drugs such as cortisone is a fungal infection.



It is experienced when fungal viruses in the environment settle in the lungs through the air. If not diagnosed and treated early, it is possible to turn into pneumonia. It manifests itself with symptoms such as high fever and chills. It can be treated with antibiotics.

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The stain that appears on the surface of the skin is manifested by thick blisters. These spots grow over time. The infection causes inflamed buds in the layer in this area. Cells with damaged DNA manifest themselves with symptoms such as itching, rash and redness. Specialists prescribe drugs such as antifungal cream or lotion.

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It is seen on the scalp. It is confused with eczema. But the blisters caused by this bacterium are different from eczema. It weakens hair cells. Thus, it causes hair breakage, dandruff, itching and flaking. Hair fungus is contagious. For this reason, personal materials of people who have had or have experienced hair fungus should never be used.

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It is seen between the toes and on the heel. This type of fungus, which is the most common type, usually occurs when the feet stay indoors for a long time and sweat. The type of fungus that is transmitted and multiplied most quickly manifests itself with severe itching. It causes swelling and discharge in advanced patients. Cream and oral medication are used in the treatment of this infection, which has an increased risk of transmission in public areas.

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It causes yellowing and swelling by disrupting the DNA of nail cells that settles in the nail. It manifests itself with symptoms such as deterioration in nail shape and dulling. It is the most painful type of fungus. It is treated with drugs applied in the style of nail polish. In the worst case, the specialist pulls the nail from the root.

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It can be seen inside and outside the hand. There is a possibility of reproduction with products such as detergents. It appears with redness in certain areas of the hand with hand dryness. The recurrence rate is higher than other fungal species.

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It is seen in the breech region. Severe inflammation occurs. Causes skin blistering. Itching is the most common symptom. However, this infection, which increases as it itches, adversely affects even sitting and moving if it is not intervened in a timely manner.


This fungus is common in women. It is experienced because the toilet cleaning is not done well. The outer mushroom is seen in two forms as the inner mushroom. It shows symptoms such as burning itching during urination. It causes heavy odor during menstrual periods.



Thanks to the lactic acid it contains, handmade yogurt has the ability to reduce the infection of the cells. Dip a clean cotton ball in yoghurt, apply it to the area where the fungus is, wait for half an hour, then wash it with warm water. You can do this application twice a day.

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Garlic, which is the strongest antibiotic in nature, is effective in eliminating the infection in a short time. It is especially beneficial for lung fungus. Crush the garlic by hand and rub it on the area where the fungus is. If you wish, you can add a drop of olive oil to the crushed garlic and make this application. You can also do this application twice a day.

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The tannin substance it contains is acidic. It is quite effective in reducing fungal infection. Dip a clean cotton pad in the water of the brewed tea, leave it on the affected area, and change the cotton every 10 minutes.

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