Role of phytotherapy in advanced cancer cases

Phytotherapy Specialist Dr. Şenol Şensoy pointed out that medical treatments may be insufficient in advanced cancer cases, and even in this case, good results can be obtained with phytotherapy.

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According to official figures, we are losing one out of every two cancer patients diagnosed in Turkey. Unfortunately, the picture is worse in advanced cancer cases. Well, can we benefit from phytotherapy in end-stage cancer patients? Phytotherapy Specialist Dr. Şenol Şensoy answered our questions.

According to research, medicinal plants have lethal (cytotoxic) properties on cancer cells. But while they kill cancer cells, they do not harm our healthy cells and even support their functions. In this sense, phytotherapy has been used as a supportive treatment since 2014, especially in advanced cancer cases. So, at what stage and how is phytotherapy used? Phytotherapy Specialist Dr. Senol Sensoy replied.

How long has phytotherapy been used? At which stage of cancer should phytotherapy be applied?

Phytotherapy, unfortunately, is an application that started a little late in our country. With the regulation of the Ministry of Health in 2014, medical doctors stepped in and started phytotherapy applications. But we do not use phytotherapy. We want that as soon as the disease is diagnosed, we put it into practice together with other treatment methods, that is, with classical medical treatment methods, so that we can get the result we want.”

What does phytotherapy do in cancer patients?

“Phytotherapy has properties that increase the effectiveness of methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy applied today. Again, we encounter very serious side effects of chemotherapy. In the majority of patients, sometimes intolerable side effects occur against chemotherapy. When we support this with medicinal plants. There is a possibility that we may reduce the side effects to a very low level. In advanced stages, we sometimes cannot apply classical medical treatments. If the patient does not have the resistance to remove these treatments, then we cannot give chemotherapy and other treatments. We can use phytotherapy even in the last stage, terminal period. We have the opportunity and the opportunity to benefit from their influence.”

How does cancer occur?

“Cancer is a disease that occurs as a result of DNA damage. What causes DNA damage? Some wastes arise in our body. There are mechanisms to eliminate these wastes. But sometimes the elimination mechanisms become weak and the wastes dominate there. They come in and cause damage to the cell. In this case, if there is damage to the DNA, the cell either loses its functionality or loses its vitality or goes into the stage of cancerization, which we call mutagen. Every day, approximately 1 million cancer cells form in our body in this way. Our immune system also destroys them. Immune In case our system is weakened, the cancer of that organ emerges in whichever organ the cancer formation becomes dominant.

What kind of treatment methods are used in cancer treatment?

“Chemotherapy and radiotherapy as treatment approaches are aimed at killing cancer cells. But while these treatments kill the cancer cell, unfortunately they also damage our normal healthy cells.”

What is the place of phytotherapy in cancer treatment?

“Phytotherapy has features that support the modern techniques we use here. Cancer cells sometimes develop resistance to chemotherapy. The treatment is successful for a certain period of time, and then the reason for relapses and relapses is based on this. But when we move forward with phytotherapy Medicinal plants inhibit these resistance development mechanisms of cancer cells.”

What is the effect of medicinal plant extracts on cancer?

“Medical plants have lethal (cytotoxic) properties on cancer cells. But while they kill cancer cells, they do not harm our healthy cells and even support their functions.

On the other hand, cancer has pathways to spread. For example Our liver cell cannot get up and say, “I am very bored here, let me sit on my stomach for a bit and work there”, the body will not allow such a situation. But if the cancer cell is in the liver, it can infect our other organs through blood, lymphatic drainage or neighborhood, and it continues its tumoral activities by multiplying there. ”

However, metastasis is an undeniable fact…

“Modern treatments used do not have anti-metastasis properties. Medicinal plants also have preventive properties against metastasis. Again, cancer cells have nourishing properties for themselves. There is an angiogenesis mechanism. They form a vascular network on the ground where they are located. They increase the blood supply of that area and thus they grow and multiply faster. Medicinal plants also abolish this angiogenesis mechanism. They prevent the formation of vessels in the place where the cancerous tissue is located and contribute to the death of the cancerous tissue by weakening its nutrition. In this way, phytotherapy is a treatment method that is effective in all pathways of cancer. In this sense, we see that phytotherapy has very serious effects when we cannot use chemotherapy.”

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