Rich in Calcium: What are the benefits of ostrich eggs? How is it consumed?

Ostrich eggs, which are rich in calcium and protein, have almost the same vitamins and values ​​as chicken eggs. Ostrich eggs, which have a hard and robust structure, are both consumed and their shells are used in various fields. We have searched for those who are curious about the ostrich eggs added to the mortar because it prevents moth in old architectural structures. So the benefits of ostrich eggs

Ostrich eggs, which have high nutritional values, are both the heaviest and most expensive eggs in the world. Ostrich eggs, which are the same as chicken eggs in taste, were put on the ceilings inside the houses in ancient times, and this prevented spiders from making webs. It also protects from other pests. Ostrich eggs, which have a very strong shell, were used as plates, bowls and storage containers in African traditions. Women made jewelry and ornaments from these shells. Today, it is emptied and used for decorative purposes. It is known that during the Ottoman period, these shells were used to strengthen the works of Mimar Sinan and to prevent spider webs. In our country, these eggs are specially raised in cities such as Bursa, Antalya and Kırşehir. In the world, private farms have been established in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, China, Canada, Australia, USA and some European countries. Finally, in 2016, their prices varied between 50-200. Saw or traction is usually used to break this egg.

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It is the richest egg in terms of protein substance found in nature. In the past, the eggs of these birds were consumed before going on long journeys. The reason for this is known to be because it keeps it full and vigorous for a long time.

This egg, which has zero cholesterol, provides one-to-one benefits for cardiovascular health. In this way, it prevents vascular occlusion and reduces the circus of heart attack.

Sodium causes the unbalanced proliferation of cells in the blood, causing blood pressure to rise. However, since ostrich eggs do not contain sodium, they do not cause blood pressure.

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Thanks to the antioxidant it contains, it not only cleans the body, but also contributes to oral and dental health. It also reduces the amount of infection in the teeth and mouth, especially by increasing the solvent acid ratio in the saliva.

It is also very rich in calcium, which is the main ingredient in bone and joint health. Especially experts recommend that pregnant and adolescents consume it. It reduces the risk of experiencing conditions such as osteoporosis, which are likely to occur in advanced ages.

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