Quince compote that cleans the lungs! What are the benefits of quince? What does quince leaf tea do?

Quince is a complete natural remedy for diseases such as colds, flu and colds. It can be consumed fresh, as well as tea and jam. We have also searched for you the recipe for quince compote, which is especially effective in cleaning the lungs. So what are the benefits of quince? How to make quince leaf tea and what does it do? You can find everything about quince in the details of the news.

Quince fruit, which has started to be seen on the counters, has many benefits for human health. Experts recommend consuming a quince every day during the season to make the body feel more vigorous and full throughout the day. In the researches, it has been observed that the vitamins and minerals in the bark and leaves are more than the essence. Its leaves are rich in phenolic compounds. This substance has antimicrobial properties. Therefore, it is recommended to consume the skins without peeling. Quince spread from Anatolia to Greece and from there to Europe and the whole world. According to another study, it was observed that the brenthill substance found in metal cutting tools finished the properties of pectin and organic acid substances found in quince. Therefore, when quince is consumed directly, it meets the benefits it contains one hundred percent. Quince, which is especially good for digestive problems, prevents discomfort such as constipation. When consumed with its peel, it supports a healthier metabolism. Quince, which is a rose family, is very rich in vitamin C.

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Quince Pleasure to CLEAR Lungs!

The guest of the Yasemin.com Instagram account, İlkbal Gürpınar, gave the recipe for the quince compote, which has been made in Anatolia for centuries and is made for healing purposes. He said that this natural medicine, which provides protection against the increasing coronavirus in recent days, strengthens immunity by increasing the functionality of the lungs.

3 medium quinces

one and a half liters of water

4 carob

2 root ginger

2 sticks of cinnamon

4-5 cloves

Wash the quinces thoroughly and cut them into cubes. Put it in the pot and put the water on it, while it is boiling, break the carobs into it. Then chop the ginger and add it. Then put the cinnamon sticks and cloves and boil well. When it reaches the consistency of compote, remove it from the stove. Pour into glasses and consume twice a day.

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Since 100 grams contain 40 calories, it takes its place in the first secrets in the winter diet lists. Since it has a low glycemic index, it does not raise blood sugar. In this regard, diabetic patients can easily consume it.

Thanks to phytochemicals, it strengthens the immune resistance against diseases. It meets 30 percent of the body’s daily need for vitamin C. Thus, pathogens, viruses and bacteria cells from the body without sheltering the urinary tract.

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It increases the oxygen in the blood and provides blood circulation. Thus, healthy blood cells that go to the roots of the hair support the hair to be brighter and stronger.

This feature also increases the number of young cells in the skin and prevents wrinkles.

Thanks to its high antioxidant, it reduces free radicals and cancerous cells circulating in the body.

It reduces the risk of high blood pressure by lowering blood pressure. Thus, it also protects cardiovascular health.

Boiled quince can be preferred for gas problem. In addition to facilitating digestion, it also eliminates excess toxins in the stomach and intestines through the urine, preventing the body from accumulating toxins.

Since it cleans the stomach, it also removes the bad breath caused by the stomach. In addition, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth and prevents bad odor by cleaning the microbes accumulated in the saliva.

HOW TO MAKE quince leaf tea and what does it do?

Put 20 dried quince leaves in a pot of boiling water. Boil like this for 5 minutes. Then strain from the leaves and consume.

Quince leaf tea, which is the ideal tea for those who want to lose weight, facilitates digestion by regulating metabolism. Thanks to the high fiber it contains, it increases the functions of the intestines. However, excessive consumption is not recommended as it may cause constipation.

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The tea obtained from the quince leaf, which contains vitamin C, zinc, potassium, copper and iron, supports the regeneration of cells. In particular, it prevents cancer and tumor formation.

It minimizes increased sore throats and conditions caused by infection in upper respiratory tract diseases. It strengthens immunity by removing free radical cells in the body. It has a soothing effect on throat irritations.

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