prof. Dr. Reaction to the words ‘kills the corona’ by Canan Karatay from Mehmet Ceyhan!

Explanations continue to come from experts on the coronavirus epidemic that swept the whole world. Internal Medicine and Cardiology specialist Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay made some suggestions against the new type of coronavirus. Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan reacted to Canan Karatay’s words, “Grind with carbonated water morning and evening against the coronavirus”.

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Head of Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan, Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay reacted to the statements she made yesterday. Ceyhan, calling a television channel himself, Prof. Stating that Canan Karatay’s statement about the need to protect healthcare workers by gargling with carbonate was asked, “Now the public knows that this is a lie, I said that these people are making these things up to come to the agenda. They said that the people are curious. However, the public is not.used the phrases.


prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan’s post on his Twitter account: “They called from a channel. Someone who doesn’t sound much anymore ‘He said that gargling with baking soda kills the corona virus,“They asked me what I would say to this. Now the public knows that this is a lie, I said that these people are making these up to come up.


Please think about it when you’re reporting this nonsense. There is only one thing expected from you as health workers die, security guards and other press workers risk their lives. You have worked at least as much as we do to inform the public correctly. Now, please don’t make news about things that you know are wrong, which will cause the public not to comply with the precautions and increase the epidemic. After all this scientific developments and knowledge, let’s not go back to the days when the public was misled by the lies that the epidemic will be prevented with salt water and carbonate mouthwash, and the epidemic will be prevented. Let’s not go back to the stone age instead of going forward”


Internal Medicine and Cardiology specialist Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay announced that epidemics have plagued societies for centuries, and that this has destroyed large masses. Expressing that it is necessary to prevent human contact in epidemics, Karatay stated that the epidemic increases due to the fact that people are indoors and in crowded environments in winter.

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Emphasizing that the body’s resistance should be increased during the epidemic period, Karatay said: “Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that strengthen the body. Vitamin D is very important for the body. Vitamin D needs to be increased above 100 in the body. Vitamin D has been shown to strengthen the immune system and fight diseases. It can also be taken from the sun. In sick people, especially viruses and bacteria. “Those who have infection do not get sick when vitamin D is high. Even if they do get sick, they survive very mildly. This has been shown in many studies. I am a member of the International Vitamin D Council.”

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Pointing out that high-dose vitamin C is also very important, Karatay said, “A study conducted in 2012 showed that vitamin C really clears the fluid that has accumulated in the lungs. As a precaution, I always recommend all our physicians, healthcare professionals and the public to keep vitamin D and C high in their bodies. No virus can live in an environment called alkali, this is a scientific fact that has been said for years. It is real. I recommend all my friends, everyone working in health institutions and citizens to gargle with carbonated water morning and evening. It is very important to wash hands, sleep and take fluids. It is very important to take vitamin C by mouth. We definitely have vitamin D taken once a month. These are very important against viruses. Sea and salt water is also very important. I don’t mix with the crowd. I also do my shopping online.”said.

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Emphasizing that he found all the measures taken by the Ministry of Health to be appropriate, Karatay stated that citizens should follow these rules more. Karatay added that the sacrifice of health workers can be responded to by following the precautions.

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