prof. Dr Canan Karatay: Bacon is the healthiest meat because it is not cooked

prof. Dr. Canan Karatay met with the citizens at the 3rd Book Fair held in Kayseri. Karatay, who made surprising statements, commented on pastrami.

Internal Medicine and Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay went to the 3rd Kayseri Book Fair organized by Sun Fairs with the support of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. While saying that pastrami is the healthiest meat because it is uncooked meat, Karatay said that the presidents should punish the producers who deceive the public, instead of talking about single-clawed and white meat mixed with pastrami and sausage.

Saying that it is the most regular and best adjusted fair, Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay, “This is our 3rd visit to this book fair and Kayseri Book Fair is the best organized, organized and very high quality fair among all the fairs I have visited. I want everyone to run to the fair and meet with the books, and I think it is a very big and serious project designed for the public to bring the readers together with the books. Congratulations and congratulations to everyone who contributed.


On the way to Kayseri, while waiting for the car in front of the door in the morning, they said to me, my teacher, what are you doing here at this hour, and I said I’m going to Kayseri to eat bacon. Kayseri’s pastrami is very important, but it will not be spoiled. I’m sorry bacon is not produced in factories now, but then its quality will deteriorate. Bacon is the healthiest meat because it is healthy when eaten uncooked with its fat and red meat protein. Even the meat in the human body is already fat, and our muscles, heart and brain work with fat. That’s why it’s balanced, and when you look at a bacon, it’s almost 3 to 1 fat. Do not be afraid when it enters the human body in this way, red meat does not raise cholesterol. For years, unfortunately, they banned it”said.

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