prof. Assoc. Osman Müftüoğlu warned: Pay attention to the mucilage inside us!

The state has taken action to clean up the mucilage, which has been seen in the Marmara Sea recently and whose danger is increasing. While the cleaning works continue at full speed, experts warned about the effects on human health. prof. Assoc. Osman Müftüoğlu talked about the physical and mental effects of mucilage in today’s column.

Mucilage, a thick sticky bacterial substance produced by microorganisms, is colloquially called sea saliva. The mucilage seen in Marmara lately has rendered the sea almost unusable. Those who are curious about mucilage, which causes a serious environmental pollution, Prof. Assoc. Osman Müftüoğlu carried it to his column in Hürriyet newspaper. Müftüoğlu explained that mucilage causes not only environmental pollution but also mental pollution with these words:

In short, it is necessary to put the issues of “environmental mucilage” and “physical and spiritual mucilage” in the same basket. Therefore, let’s enter the mucilage problem “intravenously”, that is, from “body and spirit”. If you’re ready, come on…


The issue of MUSILAGE not only pollutes the Marmara Sea, but also the entire environment we live in, and ultimately our souls and bodies. Most of the time, behind many health problems that we define as “chronic diseases” in health practice, more or less “mucilage problem” lies. The author of these lines lists the first results of bodily and spiritual mucilage as follows…

Atherosclerosis is the number one health problem of our time. Damage to our veins and its consequences (cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases) are responsible for almost more than half of the deaths. Harmful toxins (sugars that oxidize LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, cigarettes) that mix with our body in one way or another, mostly lead our veins to deteriorate. As a result, the clots and plaques that develop in the walls and inside of our veins impair our vascular health with oily and calcareous deposits, just as in the environmental mucilage issue. In short, the issue of oxidized LDL has toxins in the background, and “vascular mucilage” in the foreground.

* OBESITY THREAT: The obesity pandemic is one of the scariest health threats of the past 20 years. The fat surrounding our belly and internal organs is actually the expected result of environmental mucilage. Toxins that enter our body in one way or another upset our metabolism. It triggers insulin resistance, makes the thyroid lazy, and makes the adrenal glands tired. As a result, obese bodies breathe in a “sea of ​​fat mucilage”. These harmful and excessive fats, which inflame the organs and tissues they accumulate inside or outside, make it impossible for the cells that make up those organs to breathe and maintain their natural biological life.

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I do not have clear scientific evidence, but I think it is possible to look at Alzheimer’s disease, which is one of the biggest long-term threats to our brain health, as a kind of bodily mucilage issue. Dirty clumps of TAU proteins that make up Alzheimer’s plaques disrupt the functions of our brain cells, making it impossible for them to breathe and communicate with each other. In summary, it is possible to view Alzheimer’s disease as a mucilage dump that grows as we age.

The biological balance disorder (dysbiosis) in our intestines is a problem that deeply affects our bodies, similar to the mucilage issue in the Marmara Sea. Let’s know that the “candida fungus piles” that occupy the intestines of most of us, just like mucilage, also disrupt our natural biology in the intestine. As a result, it does not allow beneficial bacteria and probiotics to reproduce, develop and multiply.

In my opinion, fatty liver, which has become the companion of almost one out of four people, is one of the results of mucilage created by toxic and fake impurities such as starch-based fructose. Similarly, as insulin resistance becomes widespread and cases of fatty liver increase, the number of people with gallstones increases. In short, it would not be wrong to look at fatty liver and gallstone problems as a bodily mucilage issue.

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IF we don’t take the “emotional contamination issue” seriously enough, our souls can become mucilage dumps over time. Worry, anxiety, fear and similar negative thoughts can create a state of “mucilage poisoning” in our spiritual life. the result? You can easily write “depression” in the first line. You can add “foggy brain”, “panic disorder issue” and many other current psychiatric problems to other consequences of mental mucilage.


LET’S KNOW that the “mucilage scourge” does not only concern Marmara. Our lakes, rivers, or more precisely, almost all of the geography we live in are faced with the consequences of the mucilage issue. It is the same scourge that dries up the Meke Lake, paints the Ergene River a different color every day, and makes the Konya Plain a ‘sinkhole paradise’. In summary, there are many lessons to be learned from the mucilage issue.

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