Prevent osteoporosis in 10 steps

Osteoporosis, popularly known as osteoporosis; It is an increase in bone fragility resulting from a decrease in bone mass and deterioration in bone microarchitecture. Osteoporosis is silent until the fracture occurs. Liv HospitalOrthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Çağatay Öztürk talked about ways to stop osteoporosis.

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Osteoporosis mostly affects the spine in the body. Fractures in osteoporotic bones often involve the spine, hip, and wrist. Unlike osteoporotic fractures of the hip and wrist, fractures of the spine are not often associated with a fall or trauma. While only 30 percent of osteoporosis patients, which progress silently in the body and do not show symptoms unless fracture occurs, are determined by clinical complaints, most of the remaining part is detected incidentally. Common symptoms of the disease are low back and back pain, shortening in height, fracture in the spine, and hunching on the back.

Consume milk and dairy products

Women have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis than men because they have less bone tissue. According to the data of the International Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis, which is the common problem of 200 million women in the world, is seen in one-third of women aged 60-70 and two-thirds of women aged 80.

It is possible to prevent osteoporosis with the right diet

Foods rich in calcium, magnesium and minerals help strengthen the bone structure, and these nutrients are the most important mineral for bone health. For this reason, the most important nutrients that protect against osteoporosis are milk and dairy products. Cheese and other dairy products are rich in calcium. In addition, green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, foods containing vitamin D and foods rich in grains are also foods that should be consumed to protect bone resorption.

10 ways to stop osteoporosis

1. Contain high levels of calcium and magnesium A source of vitamin D Every day, consume green vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce, which are rich in vitamins A, E and C and contain plenty of calcium.
6. Calcium and vitamin D store for milk.
7. Consume seafood rich in calcium, such as oysters and shrimp, twice a week.
8. Consume grape seed extract, which has a reducing effect on proteolytic enzymes that cause osteoporosis.
9. Avoid smoking and alcohol.
10. Reduce salt, which reduces the amount of calcium in the bones by increasing urinary calcium excretion.

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