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Cardamom, one of the unique flavors of Far Eastern cuisine, has many benefits for human health. We have searched for you who are curious about cardamom, which cleans all the toxins in the body. It is a powerful vitamin and mineral store. Cardamom, which has become popular today, was added to coffee and consumed. So what are the benefits of cardamom? In the details of the news, you can find the curious ones about cardamom.

Cardamom, which is consumed as a vitamin and mineral supplement, belongs to the ginger family. Cardamom, which is used as a spice in meals and desserts, is also made into tea. India, Malaysia and Nepal Cardamom, which is widely consumed in countries such as Turkey, is generally used as a spice. The plant imported from these countries to other countries is used in almost every field to give flavor. Cardamom, which does not have growing conditions in our country, is imported and sold in markets. The cardamom plant, which remains green throughout the year, also appears in a yellow tone after flowering. in Vitamins A and C, as well as sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium contains such substances. Thanks to its high antioxidant content, it removes all toxins in the body through urine and defecation. It is frequently used in countries such as Nepal, Vietnam, Kmbodia, and Sri Lanka. In these countries, it is customary to serve cardamom tea to important guests.

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It is obtained from cardamom, which is one of the leading medicinal foods, in coffee. Cardamom coffee, which has a unique aromatic smell and taste, is generally consumed in the Syrian region. Crush 6 cardamom grains. Put the powdered cardamom in a coffee pot and add it in a dessert spoon of coffee at the same time. Add water to it and mix. Take the cardamom coffee, which is cooked just like coffee, from the stove, pour it into the cup and drink it with pleasure. Cardamom coffee regulates digestion. It accelerates the metabolism. It contributes to the functionality of the stomach.

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Cardamom, which is a different flavor for Turkish coffee lovers, is added by grinding during production. Most of those who do say that it is better to make coffee in a coffee pot instead of a machine. In addition to the aroma and pleasant smell it adds to the coffee, it becomes more useful. In addition, powdered cardamom can be added to cakes.

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What are the benefits of cardamom?

Thanks to the phosphorus it contains, it facilitates digestion by regulating stomach acid. It provides the removal of gas formed in the stomach and intestines after food waste.

Experts emphasize that cardamom is effective in reducing the severe pains of women during the menstrual period.

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It helps in dealing with psychological situations. It is beneficial to drink a glass of cardamom tea before going to bed at night, especially for disorders such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress.

It reduces the risk of high blood pressure by balancing the beneficial cells in the blood. In addition, cardamom, which prevents the clogging of the veins, reduces the risk of developing cup disorders.

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Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it cleans the inflammations in the body. It reduces the possibility of edema in the muscles and bones.

 It also prevents tooth decay and bad breath by reducing infections in the mouth.

It also provides benefits for throat inflammations caused by upper respiratory tract diseases that occur during seasonal transitions.

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Thanks to its high magnesium, it balances sugar in the blood. For this reason, it is one of the foods that diabetic patients should consume.

Studies have shown that cardamom seeds reduce cancer cells by strengthening the anti-inflammatory immunity.

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Throw a teaspoon of cardamom powder into a glass of boiled water. Let it brew for 10 minutes. After straining, add a teaspoon of honey and drink. It helps to increase the decreasing serotonin hormone by consuming a glass of cardamom tea, especially after a busy work schedule. It also reduces headache. It prevents severe cramping pain experienced during menstrual periods. It is recommended to be consumed in cases such as nausea. Prevents the proliferation of tooth infection.

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