Powerful pain reliever: What are the benefits of horse chestnut? If you rub horse chestnut on your jugular vein

It is usually made from horse chestnut cream, which is beneficial for seizures and cramps. We have researched for you what is curious about the horse chestnut, which is completely different even if it resembles the known chestnut. Horse chestnut, which contains powerful vitamins and minerals, is the most used food in alternative medicine. Horse chestnut, which regulates blood circulation, also benefits skin diseases. So what are the benefits of horse chestnut?

When it was first discovered in the 1500s, it began to be used in alternative medicine. Horse chestnut, which is made as a natural medicine, is good for chest pain and varicose veins. In addition, the skin heals from the surface to the subcutaneous tissue. Alternative medicine experts have determined that this natural remedy completely cures varicose veins and hemorrhoids. The seeds of horse chestnut, which are grown in special areas in North America and Europe and sent to pharmaceutical companies, are used as raw materials in most cold medicines. The tree, which is grown as an ornamental plant, rises up to 30 meters. It contains thick oil, aesculin, saponin, tannin, starch, sugar, albuminous substances, flovanes, phytosterine, adenosine, ferments, cumarin, vitamins B1, C, K and P. It relieves body aches. It relaxes the muscles. Chestnut with a prickly bark consists of a double layer. It has a fleshy fruit inside. It is collected in August. Vitamin P is found in nature in few foods. However, horse chestnut is very rich in vitamin P. Horse chestnut, which came to our lands centuries ago via the silk road and was produced, is an effective beauty product used by the sultans in the Ottoman Palaces for skin care. Crushed oil renews the skin. It delays aging. Therefore, it is also used in the cosmetic industry.

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Horse chestnuts contain an excessive amount of essential oil. Horse chestnut, which has a powerful healing oil, is used especially for regulating blood circulation. This increases the functionality of capillaries. Increasing air pollution and unhealthy diet in recent years have caused the increase of skin problems. Horse chestnut oil is one of the natural ways to prevent this. Horse chestnut oil, which is especially used for spot treatment, also provides benefits in hemorrhoids.


It removes inflammatory infections accumulated in the body due to unhealthy diet and environmental factors in a short time. It prevents possible diseases.

Thanks to the astringent substances it contains, it closes the pores caused by sweat glands or acne and acne. It also removes scars and scars.

It relieves pain caused by rheumatism or inflammation in the joints and bones.

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When the jugular vein is applied to the forehead and soles of the feet, it regulates the blood circulation in the body and supports better transmission of the nerves to the brain. Prevents chronic stress and fatigue. In addition, since it regulates blood circulation, it prevents clogging of the veins.

It eliminates capillary cracking caused by sitting in the same position all the time or due to genetic problems. It is especially effective in the treatment of capillaries on the face.

Thanks to the apigenin it contains, they recover the sagging skin. It prevents aging by preventing wrinkles.

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Since the horse chestnut cream applied to the chest softens this area, it ensures that the cough ends in a short time.

It accelerates healing by creating a tonic effect, especially in diseases such as varicose veins, phlebitis and hemorrhoids.

It makes sweating because it is applied under the armpit. It removes toxins from the body with sweating. Thus, it prevents upper respiratory tract diseases.

It is also known to be good for hemorrhoids in the breech area.

The oil prevents hair loss. It also promotes skin regeneration and removes blemishes.

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Peel and beat half a kilo of horse chestnut, add a bottle of apple cider vinegar and leave it for 20 – 25 days in an area that is not exposed to the sun. Then you can apply it to your aching area. Horse chestnut is applied at least once a day. For hemorrhoids; one tablespoon of horse chestnut powder, one teaspoon of rosehip powder, 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil, 1 tablespoon of ozone oil Boil all the ingredients in a saucepan. Apply the mushy mixture to the hemorrhoids in a warm state.

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The peel can be boiled and consumed. A tablespoon of crushed shells is added to 3 glasses of water and boiled. This water, which is kept for 2 hours, can be drained and consumed. It is good for diseases such as sudden fever, indigestion, esophageal cancer and colds.

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