Powerful anti-inflammatory: What are the benefits of pine gum? Can pine gum be consumed?

Do you know what are the benefits of pine gum collected from the fir tree, which belongs to the pine tree family? We have researched for you what is curious about pine gum, which has been used in alternative medicine and in various ways for centuries. Everything about pine gum, which is a natural cure for many diseases from dry cough to lung inflammation, is in the details of the news:

The color of the gum obtained from the pine tree or fir tree, which belongs to the pine tree family, is similar to honey. However, pine gum, which is a little harder in consistency, has a heavy smell. Pine gum, which has a bitter taste, turns purple as it is chewed. At the same time, the hardness rate increases as you chew. The fir tree, which can stay green all seasons, lives for 300 years. Fir trees stretch upwards. Gum forms under the bark on the trunk of the fir tree with cones. The fir tree, also known as fir, grows in humid climates. People in ancient times called the fir tree a healer. Because every part of the tree, from the gum to the leaves to the resin, is beneficial.

The fir tree contains vitamins D, B12, A, as well as calcium, sodium and sugar. In this way, the gum has the same values. Being a powerful antioxidant, pine gum easily removes inflammation from the body. Pine gum, which renews the lungs, is especially good for coughing. Mastic gum, whose weight almost competes with gold, is sold in Artvin for 600 per kilo. Bell gum mixed with honey by powdering prevents cancer diseases. Pine tree gum sold in herbalists is also used as a natural medicine.

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The most common benefit is oral and dental health. Pine gum, which expels food wastes through saliva as it is chewed, keeps teeth white. Pine gum, which also prevents tooth decay, is also good for oral wounds.

Pine gum, which reduces the acidity of the stomach, benefits diseases such as ulcers and gastritis. It is recommended for those who experience this type of disease after meals. It also has the problem of abdominal distension.

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Pine gum, which is a powerful antioxidant, is also good for respiratory diseases. It especially cleans the lungs. Pine gum, which is a natural remedy for respiratory problems, also cuts cough. It is expectorant.

Mastic gum, which has been used as a natural remedy for wounds for centuries, is also used as a raw material in cosmetic products. Pine gum, which renews skin cells rapidly, is also good for wrinkles and dryness. Increases skin radiance.

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It is also good for eye health as it contains a high amount of vitamin A. It provides benefits to diseases such as cataracts and dryness by increasing the eye vitamins that decrease in advanced ages.

Research has shown that pine gum powder and honey prevent the cells in the body from mutating. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of cancer diseases.

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