Physiotherapist recommendations to protect neck health

The neck is one of the most vulnerable areas of the human body. It affects our health quality both in our daily life and in our business life, at least as much as back problems. About two-thirds of people experience a problem in the neck area at some point in their lives. Explaining that this problem tends to increase with the introduction of new generation communication devices into our lives, Physiotherapy Specialist Altan Yalım shared information about protecting our neck health.

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Expert Physiotherapist Altan Yalım gave information about simple ways to protect neck health in business life, “Spine health is the most important key to human quality of life. However, Being in front of a screen all the time in the business world or during communication via mobile phones, we encounter pain and posture problems in both the neck and upper back region.”

Here are the ways to protect neck health in office life

1) Stand upright

The adult head weight is approximately 9 kilograms. The further our head is forward, the more tensions in the neck muscles and the pressure on the joints. The first rule of a healthy neck is an upright head posture

2 ) Make your table and chair angles suitable for health

Adjusting the height and weight of the chair and table while working in office workers positively affects the posture of the person.

It is important to have a space between the desk and your leg height when calculating the dimensions of the desk. For most people, a table 73-75 centimeters high would be ideal. To calculate the appropriate table height, you need to make sure that your legs do not touch the table while sitting.

If there is a monitor on the desk, the eye distance to the screen should be between 50 and 75 cm. For a person who is 170 cm tall, the ideal desk size is at least 64 cm, and the sitting height is 41 cm. These measurements are calculated by increasing the person’s height by 1 cm for every 3 cm change. The height of your chair should be such that you can look at the monitor at an angle of 90 degrees, and you should not bend your neck while looking at the screen.

3) Do not skip the exercises that will keep the neck region strong

If we work hard and overload the neck region, we must have a home exercise program that will keep this region strong.

4) Do light neck and back stretches during breastfeeding

The first reason for neck pain in new mothers during baby care and breastfeeding is the hunched posture taken by the body during breastfeeding. To prevent this, light neck and back stretches should be done.

5) Don’t take your mobile phone to the table or to your bed

In today’s world where mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, we have to give ourselves a homework to stay away from them, especially while eating and sleeping.

6) Make sure your mattress and pillows are healthy

Mattress and pillow selection is very important for our spine health. For this reason, we should pay attention to the hardness of our beds and pillows that protect the natural curves of our body and do not impose an extra load.

7) Be careful against contractions during sports, always keep your neck area dry

We make sure that the neck area does not contract excessively during and after sports and does not remain sweaty during cooling, prevent potential problems.

8) Consult a doctor if you have neck pain, numbness or weakness in the arms

If we feel pain in the neck area, numbness or weakness in the arms, a doctor should be sought immediately. Early diagnosis will always make the problem easier to treat.

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