Pay attention to these symptoms in night eating disorder!

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Nocturnal eating disorder syndrome shows situations such as waking up from a night’s sleep and consuming too much food right after the stomach is full. People with night eating disorder syndrome encounter problems such as not being able to sleep without eating, and serious problems occur in their sleep patterns. Night eating disorder syndrome usually causes problems such as sleep disorders and cessation of breathing during sleep. People with this condition may experience emotional states such as guilt, distress, tension, pessimism and irritability after eating.

They wake up full in the morning!

One of the most surprising situations in people who experience this situation is that they wake up full in the morning. Night eating disorder causes a person to skip several meals a day. The person who cannot get enough food in the morning, the need to eat in the evening and at night becomes irresistible. The person who wakes up full in the morning wants to get the daily calorie amount from the snacks he eats after dinner.

What are the causes of night eating disorder syndrome?

There may be physiological and psychological reasons behind the night eating syndrome. One of the most important reasons for uncontrolled weight gain is, of course, eating at night. Besides this situation; Sleep disturbance, depression, psychological problems, obesity, irregular eating habits, diabetes, hormonal causes can also cause night eating syndrome.

How is it treated?

There is no typical method for the treatment of night eating disorder syndrome. Generally, pharmacological and psychological treatments are applied.


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