Pay attention to the use of headphones in online education! It can cause hearing loss

Using headphones more than usual in the online education process can cause permanent problems such as hearing loss, as well as headaches and tinnitus. May Hearing Aids Training Specialist, Audiologist Seda Başkurt, warns about the things to be considered while using headphones during the home education process.

Face-to-face training, which was suspended due to the pandemic process, started again after a long break. However, students who wish can continue their education at home by using EBA TV. The number of students benefiting from the system is also quite high. In this process, the use of loud headphones for a long time can cause permanent problems in hearing in students. May Hearing Aids Education Officer, Audiologist Seda Başkurt, expresses the need to be careful about hearing loss and its symptoms. Being exposed to loud noise for a long time and using headphones for a long time are considered major risks that cause hearing loss.

Regarding this situation, Audiologist Seda Başkurt, Education Officer of May Hearing Aids, ‘Scientific research shows that exposure to high-intensity sound causes hair cell damage in the inner ear, causing irreversible loss of your hearing.’uses expressions.


Stating that 8 hours or more exposure to a sound of 85 decibels carries a risk, Başkurt reminds that earphone decibel intensity can reach 120 and above, and says that health problems such as headache and tinnitus may occur over time, apart from hearing loss.

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Stating that hearing loss can occur suddenly, Başkurt also explains that situations such as difficulty in understanding the other person and repeating what has been said can occur.

Audiologist Seda Baskurt, ‘Over-ear headphones should be preferred instead of in-ears, and the volume should be lower than the highest, and the headphones should be worn on both sides, not on one ear.’makes a statement.

Emphasizing the importance of regular treatment, Başkurt makes the following statement:

‘Factors such as the child’s listening to the television loudly, not responding when spoken to, hearing only close conversations better, and unsuccessful watching at school may be signs of hearing problems.’ He said, ‘If you think your child has hearing loss, you should consult an ENT specialist without wasting time. You should protect your hearing health by having regular hearing tests every 6 months.’

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